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Nice concept. Not sure about the execution or art direction of these though.

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hmmm, rather boring. the idea is ok, not outstanding i think

this yellow on red typography is awful

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PaulyG_fill in the blank's picture

Kind of obvious. Girls like muscular guys. The same thing could have been done with wonderbra.

PaulyG_fill in ...
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i'm giving this a 5/10. yellow on red IS horrible. horrible! i was going to waste my typing on a diatribe about how typical it is to show boobies for a men's magazine. but what the hell. it's for men. it's about men getting fit. getting fit to attract... women. i'm pretty sure gay men purchase this magazine as well though.

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I like the idea though it's cliché and maybe too simple but surely still works.
BTW, you're right guys, the execution should have been really better...

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This campaign is very similar to a jewels's one

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A. J. SMITH's picture

I like the idea, not the art direction, copy or execution.

So with ellehcimeo, I am giving this a 5/10. (cos getting the idea right is halfway there in my mind)

But to get a 10 it has to be amazing - like that GPS mapmonster one, the only 10/10 i have ever seen on ads of the world this year.

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Stupidifying. G-spotting the target, though.

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Stupidifying. G-spotting the target, though.

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