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Not the first time the original classic ad was reinterpreted:

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Is that what the ad is trying to say though? that sharpie is there when you concept? an ad aimed at creatives? ehhh.

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so.. normal people would care and undestand??

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if this ran in an advertising magazine it would make sense.

Good ideas are permanent. I think its a good thought, the artdirection isnt bad either.

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Tell me you are joking, right? How come it's a good thought, if the normal audience couldn't understand what this ad is about? Why make an ad only for advertising people?

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if you read what i said you would understand, i said if it ran just for the advertising industry it would make sense.

Imagine this ad in Lürzers or Campaign or maybe a National Egyptian advertising magazine, wouldnt it make sense there? who reads those crappy magazines except creatives in advertising?

If this ad was real which i doubt very much, the brief would have been something like this:

The brief: Create a print ad for our permananet pens that would attract artists & creatives.
SMP: Permanent pens, ink that never fades.
Target audience: Purely people in advertising
Media: one page ad in Egyptian Campaign Magazine

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just for advertising people!!
Please don't do this again JWT Cairo.. guys you are Much better than that .. (Pharaoh)

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Give Me a Hell Yeah!!!

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I misunderstood your comment justpassingby therefore I agree with your comment. However like you said if this ad was targeting purely people in advertising area still too much area that missed in this idea.

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What you people all seem to forget is that alot of ads made nowadays are directed towards the award shows. Alot of bureaus make the choice of doing an 'award-ad'. This is a good one. Indeed the regular public would not get this. But it is not aimed towards that public.

How many housewives or carpenters use a sharper marker pen designed for creatives?

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...and let the poets cry themselves to sleep. And all their tearfull words would turn back into steam

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hi justpassingby, how much were you given to promote this crap, even a maze is easier to understand than this, do you always give your audience headache? i work with JWT Lagos and we dont do stuffs like this!

lekan lawal
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hahaha - that's probably why we dont see your names at Cannes.

Joe Harris
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If at first you dont succeed... don't try parachuting

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show us what JWT Nigeria does? im iterested and if i like something of yours you dont need to pay me to compliment it

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omg. dont play anymore on those cliche. Its not clever nor witty

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