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January 2011
Fiat:  Cannon


Print advertisement created by Leo Burnett, Brazil for FIAT, within the category: Automotive.


You never know how big of a problem you will find.
Introducing the fiat ambulance line.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Ruy Lindenberg
Art Directors: Renato Butori, Alexandre Pagano, Henrique Del Lama
Copywriter: Mario Cintra
Illustrator: Vetor Zero
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jackmancer2017's picture

Is this to sell ambulances or sell Fiat vans? I like the insight to sell either of them, but the copy or finalisation might have been better. Not sure ;p

formfaktor's picture

I was told that in Brazil (where this is from) the FIAT Ambulances are an omnipresent sight, so no need to explain the details as you might have had to in other countries.

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heritage85's picture

I love the campaign. Beautiful.

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Creative Director
raulbanderas's picture

nice art

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Glut's picture

excellent art!!!

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Public Relations at Glut. Ideas Boutique.
jackmancer2017's picture

Yes, the art is nice. Got that. But what do you guys think about the message?

ivan's picture

I think it's fine. It suggest that the ambulance is well equipped to deal with any emergency.

Creative Director at Ads of the World
chapelier's picture

I agree- I'm pretty confused as to who they are selling the ambulances to. Private care homes or something maybe?

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keeping the right side of your head warm.

nicebastard's picture

The art is indeed excellent though I don't really get who is the audience here. If it addresses ordinary people who might need help then it doesn't make much sense for me - unless in Brazil while calling for emergency you get a choice of available ambulances of different brands :)

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heritage85's picture

It's not that hard. Fiat makes cars. Ambulances are cars. They make them in different sizes (notice the rule?), so you (hospital manager, or whatever) can buy one according to your needs. Me like it.

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Creative Director
adbot's picture

I believe the ads are targeting Fleet Managers—people who purchase vehicles for businesses such as rental car companies, delivery services or, in this case, hospitals and or emergency services. As such, I think these are wonderfully effective in a market that usually just shows its cars and says "buy from us". Here, as the copy reads, they are introducing Fiat's line and in one interesting stroke, saying, "We now have ambulances and we have them for any need you might have." Very, very good.

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Jupiter's picture

cool art. luv it!

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Artifarty |

commenting just to gather more pencils:-)

luispiter's picture

jajaja it funny

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Lazarus's picture

No bad.

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DIVPravin's picture

Its mainly emergency ad. How anyone could relate it with Fiat.

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picntype's picture

Agree, not bad at all. but what's that measuring-tape-like graphic doing in this? to show size of the 'problem'? was it client's suggestion? ...don't really need that graphic to tell the idea, the visual itself showing he's in big fuckin' trouble. and the layout would look much better without this element. Otherwise, good work guys!

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Art Director
nikhil ameer's picture

Awesome Art and Illustration...but very weak copy. It could have been beautiful and direct if the concept was positioned slightly differently.

That would have helped avoid the question, "Does one call Fiat if your head gets stuck in the gate or inside a canon?". Certainly not!!!
A copy change would do the ad wonders.

nikhil ameer
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the_lizard_king's picture

The art direction is phenomenal but the message is completely all over the place. Who exactly is the target market to these ads??? A hospital or common people like you and me? Although i like the concept i feel that it bears no relation to the message it actually needs to deliver.

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Copywriter at Forecast advertising |

And then GOD said...
Let there be creativity!!!

Martijn's picture

One star, really? Because you didn't understand the target?
Of course it is for hospitals in first place. But if a hospital thinks a van is good for his high demands, another company might think the same...
And everybody loves to have a laugh, so this sells Fiat as a whole brand as well.

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outsider's picture

interesting approach.

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everartz's picture

this wasnt posted here many hours ago.. still people are waiting to see a brazilian work!
thank you brazil you didnt let us down!

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| everartz |

Sushi lover's picture

Very lovely art for sure, the message is not clear to me. It seems to tell me call ambulance when I have a big trouble. But I won't buy a line of ambulance. The target is not clear to me as well.

Sushi lover
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Dream needs to be big!

Master Jack's picture


Master Jack
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adbot's picture

I promise, the target market is Fleet Managers—people who purchase specified vehicles for businesses. They are responsible for buying many cars at once (a fleet of cars) while being concerned with price, quality, and variety of use. They work for many types of companies from car rental organizations to emergency service companies which is the specific target market here.

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khronos's picture

hahahahahha, bloody brilliant :) love the campaign...dunno how well it sells though, some market insight on that maybe>>?

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krautland's picture

cute, funny, made me smile.

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