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Like it. Love the retro style.

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KY-Akademien, Göteborg
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JC Carvalho
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Hell yeah!!

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very very very nice art...

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the structure of the headlines, namely the use of "this" is right out of 1990.

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These headlines really are not very good. The prominent use of words like "this" and "these" is a sure sign of an amateur and an absolute no-no!


Don Draper
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Yes, Don, that's because advertising agencies didn't exist only in the United States, can you actually believe there's life outside of it? And that the headlines get, shock, lost in translation?

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Like these ads, sometimes the world is imperfect. And then again, sometimes we get lucky and people manage to come up with the perfect screen name for themselves. But I digress...your suggestion that these ads lost something in translation is ridiculous. Even if that were true it's no excuse! Advertising is meant to communicate a specific and clear message. If it gets lost in translation what's the point? You've accomplished nothing, possibly pissed-off your audience, and just wasted the clients money haven't you? Now I don't believe it applies here, but if cultural or language differences prevent an idea from coming across EXACTLY as intended, then you probably shouldn't be running that ad, to that audience.

Don Draper
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Ridiculous is to believe every language works the same way. I can't speak Romanian but I'm sure translations can mess with any copy. And believe me, there are costumers around the the who aren't English speakers. So cultural and language differences DO prevent ideas from coming across EXACTLY as intended. Anyway you got the message so the ad worked. Besides that, the art is just great. Congratulations guys!

Rafael Lago
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This is the best one of the lot.

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The boobs are a bit much. No pub short of Playboy would run it in the US.

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I think these ads (see, comin' from the 90's again) are just good in their imperfection. Now, seriously, not being a native English speaker myself, I'm curious. What would you suggest for the headlines Don?

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Just getting things straight here - I have nothing to do with the creative team, I'm not even from Romania. I'm just an observer, hoping I'll learn something here.

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Love this work.

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good art........

manu adithya
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Go Hendrix!!!
I love this art direction! GREAT AD...congratz

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