Take Your Pleasure Seriously, Beauty

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August 2010
Feeling:  Take Your Pleasure Seriously, Beauty


Print advertisement created by Happiness, Belgium for Feeling, within the category: Media.

Advertising Agency: Happiness Brussels, Brussels, Belgium
Creative Management: Karen Corrigan, Gregory Titeca
Creative Director: Gregory Titeca
Account Management: Inez De Pooter, Vanessa Boddewyn
Concept Providers: Naim Baddich, Patrick Glorieux, Philip Vandenberghe
Head of Copy: Philip Vandenberghe
Head of Art: Cecilia Azcarate
Producer: Caroline Marson
Photography: Christophe Gilbert
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atb2005's picture

Another great campaign from Happiness, Brussels! It pays off to be happy :)

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Chocolate, baby! Yeah!

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That's me!

Guest's picture

just like friday night!!! yeah my boy!!!!


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@atb2005 if you think this is great, can you please explain why? I honestly don't know what to make of this.

atb2005's picture

The campaign is targeting women, and the idea - according to the agency - is to amplify each aspect of pleasure and thus reinforce the message to take your pleasures seriously. I like the clean modest layout. I find it very minimalist and even slightly elegant. The photography and post production are good too. The idea or concept is not new though; hence, only 5 stars.

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"the idea - according to the agency - is to amplify each aspect of pleasure and thus reinforce the message to take your pleasures seriously"

sounds like a whole lot of gibberish for a bad campaign, sorry.

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this is why I would cancel out Guest comments, hateful comments from users that feel the need to ban a good campaign to feel important.

The target of this campaign, all three prints, is women, like atb2005 pointed, which are reassured by the magazine that it's OK to take pleasures as much as they want it. the prints make certain (the chocolate is also stereotypical) facts comfortable for women, and they would chose the magazine as they can identify themselves within the prints.

Also, it's not that hard to notice the catch - taking something seriously means not being superficial - and the magazine is called Feeling

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i can't even spell my name without 'ad'

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is it for a porn magazine ?

if yes it's a nice ad.


squareminded's picture

This one is excellent really good, clean, fast and gets the target. Photo, post-production, goooood (you know like google). And as "atb2005" says it's elegant... I give them 6 stars.

§ keep up with the good work §

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I think the concept could have been more overt. "according to the agency - is to amplify each aspect of pleasure and thus reinforce the message to take your pleasures seriously" This is great and all but the agency is not going to be there to tell the reader this. The concept doesn't, or at least for me, convey a clear message.

When I think of taking something serious, I don't think about pleasure. For example you go to see your doctor and he tells you your blood pressure is through the roof and you need to be serious about your health. The wording could be matched better.

Definition of SERIOUS
1: thoughtful or subdued in appearance or manner : sober
2a : requiring much thought or work b : of or relating to a matter of importance

Nothing is subdued about a lady bathing in a tub of chocolate. It's extreme and it catches your eye. It had me right up until I read the copy and went ?????

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keep it cool man, do you work at this agency or you are the client... :-)

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what the heck happened to this poor woman's leg??

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this as by far in the series in the most eye catchy & sends the message across

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bhootni ke....kuch soch ke banaya karo

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This is the only one making any sense.

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Four executions and only this one works. That's not a good ratio...just saying. Has anyone figured out the octopus one?

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