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Really weird campaign... What's next? PSA warning of the dangers of RT?

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No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!! http://adsoftheworld.com/forum/135094

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I like the visual but i don't understand the reason why about this ad

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It's true that a Like can hurt in some cases. Considering the amount of Facebook users in some countries, one can imagine PSA like that.

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I'm sure I LIKE it, but I don't understand where this ad came from either.

George Souza
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Inappropriate Facebook updates referring to recent political unrest and communal riots in Assam (a state of north-east India) have been claimed to disrupt social harmony, this campaign is an attempt to spread a word of awareness among the users for the same.
And its a good one

Milan Solanki
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This is bad.

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Why is the client listed as Facebook? I can pretty much guarantee Facebook wasn't connected to this in any way. They wouldn't pay for an ad that shows them in a negative light. And I know from working with them that they don't allow agencies to show work they've done for them. They won't even let you list them as a client on your site. It's in every contract for every vendor they hire.

That said, this is an old concept. Very similar to at least one Goodwill campaign using the hand logo.

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I think, you are right. It has not been authorized by Fb. Wonder how an agency like TBWA did that.
The background is that a racial conflict developed in Mumbai in 11th August followed by some racial tension in some other parts of India. Government took the stance saying that the tension escalated through propaganda and doctored pics through social media. This ad is just in support of that claim.

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good idea

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Chaminda Rathnayake

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Nice idea.

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i liked it hehehe! nice style nice art direction great concept

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groovy baby!

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This is not good art for me. The background texture is distracting.

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love it.

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Who is the client?

TSD Agency
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good idea

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