Open eyes

January 2009
Fabrica:  Open eyes
Fabrica Print Ad -  Open eyes


A poster for an exhibition in Tokyo, Japan that opens new ideas in design and creativity by young talent from around the world. Sponsored by United Colors of Benetton, Centre Pompidou, La Triennale di Milano and Shiodomeitalia.

Advertising Agency: Fabrica (Benetton Group), Treviso, Italy
Creative Director: Omar Vulpinari
Art Director: Priya Khatri
Photographer: Piero Martinello
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picopalqlea's picture

I dont know if it matters, but thats not a asian eye... never mind.

Activity Score 999
Dev Kumar's picture

Trust me it doesn't.

Dev Kumar
Activity Score 834
Copywriter at Mumbai
Guest's picture

A simpler idea will be if the iris is red and sclera (white part of the eye) is the image. Maybe in illustration, Just a thought.

Ed Mintone's picture

eye like.

Ed Mintone
Activity Score 585
Guest's picture

I know what the red circle is ment to be, but it looks to me like really bad sun burn.

tirthomitro's picture

eye like it more!

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Creative Director at Grey Global, India |

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

just write's picture

eye looks good...

just write
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Copywriter at Banyantree communications
Grace Bastien's picture

I wonder why they chose the geographical factor as the spring board for the ad when designers from around the world will be exhibiting there?
Who is the target audience? People already in Tokyo?
It is OK. Not great.

Grace Bastien
Guest's picture

i don't no

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