Eye glasses

November 2006
 Eye glasses
 Eye glasses



Remember where it was last?

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Bangkok, Thailand
Creative Director: Vasan Wangpaitoon
Art Directors: Natee Likitsuwankool, Vasan Wangpaitoon
Copywriters: Juntiga Nasunee, Walita Jamornjureekul
Illustrators: Illusion Bangkok - Surachai Puthikalangkura
Photographer: Illusion Bangkok - Srimongkhol Pajonkeaw
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scarfinati's picture

The product is so small in the lower right corner that I dont know what it is. Therefore the line -- which is awkward by the way, is it a question or more a statement? -- forces me to try to decipher it and by that time Ive turned the page.

I realize Im supposed to close the circle, but at least turn on the lights so I can see...

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Art Director
popdistortion's picture

Yeah, takes a bit of time but then you quickly notice the amount of glasses that lie around. It's okay, not great though.

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fotdot's picture

It's definitely not the typical Thai humour we're used to seeing which is quite refreshing. But it also lacks the insight into Thai culture as well.

Activity Score 674
Creative Director
raverus's picture

thai culture?
hahahaha, u think it's so important for every thai ad.?

Activity Score 1476
Art Director
Minimum's picture

yeah well you know how it is. We Dutch creatives like to put wooden shoes and windmills in every ad we can get our hands on too!

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Graphic Designer |

...and let the poets cry themselves to sleep. And all their tearfull words would turn back into steam

teenie's picture

Thai culture is needed only if it's an ad about Thailand aimed at other cultures. But ads aimed at Thais themselves should just work, like ads in any other country. We don't see moose and igloos in Canadian ads unless it's to make fun of what other people think about us.

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sakibafridi's picture

Copy: Shouldn't it be: Remember where THEY were last? glasses/spectacles - plural is a 'they'.

Activity Score 167
Art Director |


B128's picture

I think the 'it' here refers to any item you might forget and not just the glasses.

Activity Score 392
Art Director
jungleraven's picture

sakibafridi! think again. u r missing something...probably THE idea.

Activity Score 291
Copywriter |

Sell the sizzle, not the steak.

smudge23's picture

Wouldn't be the first time:)

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teenie's picture

I'm trying but I don't quite get it. If your memory improved, why would you remember 8 different pairs of glasses? Wouldn't you just remember where the 1 pair was the last time you saw them? It's almost creepy - like your memory will go haywire if you take the stuff. Perhaps the message is that you'll remember where they were every time you lost them, but that's not the benefit, so it doesn't really work.

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