Statues, Pool

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June 2012
Eurostar:  Statues, Pool


Print advertisement created by Leg, France for Eurostar, within the category: Transport.

Advertising Agency: Leg agency, Paris, France
Creative Director: Gabriel Gaultier
Creatives: Stéphane Richard, Virgile Lassalle
Copywriter: Virgile Lassalle
Art Directors: Stéphane Richard, Caroline Lorin
Photographer: Paul Murphy
CGI & Retouching: Recom Farmhouse
Account: Adrien Taquet, Cécile Lechevalier
Production: Sandrine Raveneau
Art Buyer: Pia Schneider
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stickynotes's picture

these are nice images, but without a message they're useless advertising. is it a teaser only?
i can't link it back to eurostar like this.. 'don't get fat in your local pub - travel to the olympics and become a real sportsman'?

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johnkiou's picture

Message is go to london olympics with Eurostar. The guy represents london and the statue the olympics. What's complicated about it? :)

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gadgets's picture

maybe someone from Leg agency can illuminate us...

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MindDrift's picture

Greekified British men? What does Eurostar have to do with it? I want to love this ad, but it's too forced it's not making any sense.

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Art Director
michele123's picture

Leg agency is so old fashion !!!!!

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