Fish & Chips

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May 2010


Print advertisement created by TBWA, Belgium for Eurostar, within the category: Transport.


Become completely fish and chips catch the London virus.

Advertising Agency: TBWA Brussels, Belgium
Creative Director: Yan macken
Art Director: Menno Buyl
Photographer: David Stewart
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Very nice

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I don't get this series.

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That's me!

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This is probably the best executed of the series. Interesting idea... could have used better direction/execution, but fun.

Minerva Pinto
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I think it's a shame that Fish n Chips became many foreigner's first impression of UK's food culture, many even doubt if there is food culture. Brits do have some delicacies I suppose.

Anyway, when you arrive at St. Pancras from central Paris, it means something's changed from boeuf bourguignon etc. to fish n chips, what a shock hahahahahahaha...

And then...

you can also find lots of Chicken tikka masala n chicken chow mein in London. LOL

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I love all these ads.

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Simple ideas are the best !

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it's not funny at all... It's just a lady dressed up like a fish - not original, not funny.

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It's funny, fish & chips it's a "english virus" for french people.:-)

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Thats great!
The lighting/photography could have stood to be a little less ordinary.

But that minor niggle aside the F&C theme has really lifted this one above norm.
Good art direction and execution on THIS one, the others are bit a weak

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this is splendid !

Jon-Paul Mountford
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