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Ok. I've been keeping an eye on this site for a while now and this ad, strangely enough, seems to have been the one that has prompted me to sign up and make a comment. I work on the planning/buying side, so have no training/background in the creative side of things.

This ad grabs the eye but the concept leaves me feeling...wrong. It's wrong. It's a stretch and I get the impression it's been used simply for a shock factor to get attention. It got mine, but I've decided I don't like it. Maybe I'm alone in that.

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Thanks for signing up and welcome itchy. I agree with you, this is the same impression I get from the ad. It's just inherently wrong.

But, you have consider the target. You are talking to people who want to do cutting edge creative work. You have to attract them with stuff that breaks new ground and shocking perhaps. This ad certainly does the job. I would rather go with these guys then a company that has a nice and corporate ad. I'm hoping if these guys kick ass, I may pick up something from them.

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