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"We are out of ideas! Bring out the titties!"

Pat Bijkerk
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IMO , I think the lady wants to go out to meet her lover sneaky, not to escape from sumthing bad ... or this is a handbag, underwear..'s ads !

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uh oh ..


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hehehehe... funny

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Weak weak weak. Boobs are not an idea. Stop using them instead of one.

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Doin' it for the points

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The boobs could be weak, i don't see'em clearly. But i found the insight strong...

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Is she afraid of vagenal funghus? Hahahaha!

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She's got a little extra cheese on the taco!

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if i can modify this ad in my opinion.
i will let the house in the picture fire,
my purpose is express that when the beauty escape in danger,she brings anthing but that handbag.

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Nothing says use some foot powder you toe jam, stinky-footed, beeatch better than a girl in teeny tiny underwear jumping out of a window.

Stinky Feet
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I hope that brazilians agencies, by discovering "ads of the world" and start posting as crazy, can start to look at themselfs about how poor, formulated and predictable are our ads nowadays. I hope copywriters stop to worry about making a nice joke and art directors keep doing theyr best to make it look good but also start thinking about the concept, too. We need to change, now!

Eu soh espero que as agencias brasileiras, depois de descobrirem e postarem como doidas no Ads of the world comecem a perceber, pelos comentarios, como nossa publicidade anda atrasada, pobre, com formulinhas prontas e previsivel. Espero q os redatores e diretores de arte comecem a pensar em conceito ao inves de sacadinhas, piadinhas prontas e direcao de arte do caralho, mas tb formulada. Precisamos mudar urgente, galera! Estamos ficando para tras.

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Zezao, leve menos a serio essa tal de propaganda!!

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thought it's an underwear ad..

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