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i dont get it. what is your after?

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I dont now, Even I didnt understood "what is your after?".

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I am a student.

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now am lost.
this look like a vampire party and that man is the victim Specially with the way they looks at him.

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Ahmed Abd El-Kader

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OH!!!! I think I get it now!!!!!

I mean, i shouldn't have to work this hard to understand an ad .. but here's what I think they are trying to say:

What purpose do you have fFor working out and looking great? Is it to be a piece of art fFor, of all people, nuns? Is it to be a nice table somewhere? DO you have the goal of being some object? Or do you work hard to make your body look great, so you can be a beautiful human sex machine with drives and desires? What is your purpose? What is it you are after ? What is your "After" ?

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I think advertisement should be clever and humorous, and when it´s no clear, and everyone have their own interpretation... it´s not acomplish it porpouse... comunication!!!

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