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Why do you need three of these?

Darrin Stephens
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i dont like the frames

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Reminds me of that Durex condom 'arty' triptyche, a week or three back.

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>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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the same ideaa with 3 different frames?

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bland visuals. repeating concept. no interest.

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This campaign is really bad. Not interesting at all.

Dick Huges
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Bad visual pun. Also, the execution glorifies the emission in order to make the pun work. Not very good.

bright rhino
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I guess I'm in the minority that thinks these aren't bad. They're not fantastic, but I think they satisfy the message. I think the general public would like these.

PaulyG_fill in ...
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this should look stylish but it doesn't, due to the background, the frame and the sign under the frame.
obviously the "emission gasses" are smoke from a cigarette or a blown out candle, inverted from white into black.
sorry, doesn't work for me like this.

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student work

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Man, how many times do i have to see things that end up in museum? Everyone of us can come up with about 50 of these in a day.

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This is definitely a first-thought concept. Let's see, what else belongs in a museum....racism, sexism, war, poverty, child abuse, pollution..You've got campaigns for years!

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my god these images are beautiful! but i agree, it's captain obvious if the briefing goes like "diesel is history"...

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