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November 2008
Duck:  Toilet
Duck Print Ad -  Toilet


Print advertisement created by FCB, Thailand for Duck, within the category: House, Garden.

Advertising Agency: DRAFTFCB, Thailand
Creative Directors: Chamaiporn Kulyanamitr, Kingrak Ingkawat, Chaiyasit Simasathien
Art Directors: Vilaporn Eiamsam-ang, Eknarin Suksa, Chanisorn Ampairatanapon
Copywriters: Krit Sarakosol, Tassanachai Jullapolpinit
Illustrator: O! IC
Photographer: Chatchai Chaitherdsiri
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mark3r's picture

Oooo thai girls are kinky =D

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Art Director at Scout
kera's picture

i totally agree

Activity Score 2
Sascha182's picture

Amongst 1.000.000 ways to exaggerate the benefit you choose the most disgusting. Why?
The great photography doesn't make up for it ... unfortunately.

Activity Score 7
Favete's picture

Yup, the art direction is great, the photo is amazing... too bad the idea is disgusting.

Activity Score 365
Consorcio Publicitario - Dir. Creativo |

Change it, change it now coz they will tomorrow.

jsantanaxp's picture



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Other |


Guest commenter's picture

after the tesco campaign that won something in cannes, I started to see this layout quite often.

Guest commenter
dew drops's picture

the most horrible form of exaggerated communication

feels sorry for the girl who is splashing the water on her face

dew drops
Activity Score 90
Mandark's picture

maybe it's a cultural thing... :))) still, this is so far from extreme consequence...washing your face in a toilet...wipe your mouths first boys...

Activity Score 393
copywriter |

"U think it's perfect?! Press delete and start again!"

arvin's picture


pooooooor girl :(

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Guest commenter's picture

run, Forrest, run! :)

Guest commenter
Mathew2342's picture

Oh my god. amazingly BAD!!!!!

Guest commenter's picture

I must admit it's hard to appreciate this ad! I think their are other creative ways to make the purpose of this product obvious. The only effect this ad has on consumers is ... disgust?!

Guest commenter
Guest commenter's picture

Well its not the nices thing iv seen but its a really good idea tryin to say that this cleaner will make your toilet so clean the you CUD wash your face into

Guest commenter
cyntia amus's picture

Anus like scam comments.

cyntia amus
Activity Score 8
mark3r's picture

Oooo thai girls are kinky =D

Activity Score 1921
Art Director at Scout
Scam Detector's picture

This is brilliant. To the point. Love it!

The concept does remind me of the fried egg on a tile floor years ago.

Scam Detector
Activity Score 1044
General Manager
Guest commenter's picture
Guest commenter
Losvanvan's picture

Mierda, que malo y estupido!!!

m í t i c o's picture

No puede ser

m í t i c o
Activity Score 674
Art Director at BBDO Honduras
Guest commenter's picture

Agree to most of comment.
It is not good way to execute.
Quite stupid.
But it is not abt cultural thing like an educated MANDARK said.
Just wonder how many Cannes a Copywriter from Romania got?
Try harder MANDUCK.

Guest commenter
Mbrenes's picture

Asqueroso... el Insight está bien, la ejecución se aleja de lo que alguien podría hacer en la realidad...

Guest commenter's picture

if some child see this ad... will try it, thank you guys.

Guest commenter
mubierna's picture

A mi me gustó bastante porque la idea me pareció super original y simple.

A like it a lot because the idea is totally original and simple.

Activity Score 10
Toulouse Lautrec
NatalieM's picture

Way to take a chance, but this one's a bit off the mark.

Activity Score 1681
Topolewski |


franksandres's picture

isn´t a good idea.

Activity Score 172
Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather
fluffy362's picture

The first sight i saw thought she's washing her face in toilet bowl..

ahpitt's picture


Come on, I am thai ads lover!

Activity Score 338
Art Director at Art Director
jackblack's picture

I generally like thai work because it's fresh and creative, but not this time. This feels like student work. Well, it goes to show that they don't get everything right. Should make us all feel a whole lot better. haha

Activity Score 2346
Art Director
Guest commenter's picture

I think it's a new idea in this category.

Nice guys

Guest commenter
Both Sides of the Brain's picture


Both Sides of t...
Activity Score 171
Copywriter at Bombay
Guest commenter's picture

extreme creativity nice picture.

Guest commenter
OhO's picture

blind Girl ?

Shit in the eyes

Bad Creative Just


ggggyyyy's picture

blind blind blind Sure

Suck creative idea


Crisp One's picture

Big Brother Season 7 bathroom camera #9

Crisp One
Activity Score 1989
Other at New York
All ears's picture

Gees!!! Are you serious?

All ears
Activity Score 233
Copywriter, London
Guest commenter's picture


Guest commenter
giorgino's picture


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Art Director at Freelancing |


andrea c's picture

che schifo

andrea c
luispiter's picture
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corporal_hicks's picture


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Art Director
tea off's picture

ํYou Show Your Fool idea Show Fool Show FCB

[FACT]*****On the earth ----> Bathroom Have a Washbowl*****

and not only have lavatory

poor agency

tea off
John32's picture

I like it.

Cool man!

germamil's picture

the idea is original, put your face in the toilette...bla!!

Activity Score 28
art director
tototwiga's picture

Eeeewwww. Doesn't make me want to run out and buy toilet bowl cleaner, so that I can have a loo facial.

Activity Score 153
germamil's picture

then We'll say that we have our face like the ass!

Activity Score 28
art director
STRTLRS's picture

To all that think this is disgusting, try visiting Thailand and taking a stroll through one of street their markets. Trust me, this is far from disgusting over there. The ad itself isn't bad.

Activity Score 1601
storytellers. |

I think, therefore... yeah.

Whitefang's picture

Very bad.

Activity Score 507
rob7n's picture

This ad, top to bottom, has a huge cultural influence in it. I agree with STRTLRS. Try visiting Thailand to see what they have along the streets. I do think this is a very "clean" ad coming from there. Audacious ideas representing a very clear message. That's Thailand for you! :)

Activity Score 10
corporal_hicks's picture
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Art Director
Newnewd's picture

This Agency is Sick ...............

priyanthavij's picture

Gud... I like it.

Activity Score 66
Lowe LDB
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