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September 2010
Dr. Brian Dower:  Camel
Dr. Brian Dower Print Ad -  Camel


Our spines are connected to everything in our bodies; as a result, chiropractors aim to foster a patient's overall health by ensuring the spine is healthy and aligned. Many people don’t understand chiropractic work or its benefits. The tone adopted for this campaign is welcoming, friendly, and seeks to shed the somewhat humourless quality often associated with medical therapy. The warmth of the image reflects the personable and gentle service of Dr. Brian Dower's practice, and the moulded clay sculpture playfully alludes to the nature of chiropractic and one of its more widely understood benefits — getting rid of a humpback.

Print advertisement created by Target, Canada for Dr. Brian Dower, within the category: Health.


Dr. Brian Dower, Chiropractor 28 Park Road, Toronto, Ontario M4W 1M1 416.920.7275

Advertising Agency: Target, St. John's, NL, Canada
Creative Group Head: Jenny Smith
Creative Director: Tom Murphy
Art Director: Natrix Ma
Copywriter: Victoria Ward
Illustrator: (Sculptor) Victoria Ward
Photographer: Dejan Vuchichevic
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Lucylu's picture

This made me chuckle! :-)

Activity Score 109
Lucylu's picture

This made me chuckle! :-)

Activity Score 109
atb2005's picture

The warmth of the image? I think the image is a bit creepy. If this is a camel, why hairless? Still, good job.

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KunIstvan's picture

It's hairless because it's a clay statue?!

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Graphic Designer at Freelancer
Guest's picture

Pretty funny, but atb2005 is dead on, the claymation style isn't working for me.

keithstoeckeler's picture

Quite funny, but atb2005 is dead on, the claymation style isn't working for me.

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silvi's picture


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Guest's picture

Pretty funny, but atb2005 is dead, the claymation style isn't working for me.

Guest's picture

very nice

Guest's picture

don`t explain the ad.

Guest's picture

Brilliant idea that lost points on art direction
why clay. Why not CG a real camel. It could have been metal......but alas

Lucylu's picture

I guess clay can be manipulated by hands to smooth out bumps, a bit like how the chiropracter works with his hands on people ;-)

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helvet.lang's picture

good point lucylu.

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Copywriter at FRANZ&RENÉ |

-just my opinion-

Guest's picture

C'mon, are people not thinking? What Lucylu said...I immediately connected clay to how it is pressed/kneaded, much like a chiropractor would do on others' backs.

Guest's picture

I went to the same place... and then thought that clay makes more sense for a massage therapist than a chiropractor (they make adjustments, while massage therapist are the ones that do the heavy kneading).

Roger Keynes's picture

Copywriter/Sculptor! That's a first.

Roger Keynes
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Will Think for Salary

Anonymous Author's picture

Seeds of an idea here. However, camel humps are a delicious deposit of glutinous fat; no bones hide inside.

Anonymous Author
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Write a wise saying and your name will live forever – Anonymous.

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