Naturally soft, 3

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December 2008
Downy:  Naturally soft, 3


Print advertisement created by Grey, Malaysia for Downy, within the category: House, Garden.

Advertising Agency: Grey, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Creative Director: David Sin
Art Directors: David Sin, Phoecus Lee
Copywriters: Tan Jit Seng, David Winston Foenander
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Yah.... unbelievable body shape but every women will wish to have one. Don't you?

Nice DI..... It stops me.

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These visuals, don't say 'soft' , it's more like fit's like a glove, made to fit.
Although, I understand the 'so soft you don't even feel it' it's forced.

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Think that you have just answered your own doubt. As we understnd, it's "so soft that you don't even feel it'....

Than why forced?

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"These visuals, don't say 'soft' , it's more like..." it's more like sitting on a toilet.

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You are absolutely RIGHT. It's like in the toilet.

But, what's wrong with the idea that selling SOFT?

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agree with you, i cant see the "soft" point,, great DI anyway,,

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Limkokwing University
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Mmm...el recurso lo he visto ya muchas veces, no sorprende. Las gráficas funcionan bien, bastante bien cuidadas.
Le faltó una par de horas más de brainstorming hahaha

Javier Ramírez
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beautiful woman

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i dated that girl!

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i like this nice!!

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faint, i disagree the "soft" too.

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its more like a fit slim not suit with the product..

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