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October 2008
Dorians:  Jeans
Dorians Print Ad -  Jeans

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Print advertisement created by BBDO, El Salvador for Dorians, within the category: Retail Services.

Advertising Agency: Apex BBDO El Salvador
Creative Director: Orlando Alvarez
Art Director: Rafael Martinez
Copywriter: Emerson Huezo
Photographer: Adriana Martinez
Other additional credits: Cecy Castillo
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Why is this bloke sniffing the crotch of his jeans?

this campaign is complete and utter rubbish.

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maybe you do it so often that you don't take time to think :-p
it's an ad for towels, so he would be drying his face, IMO

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think its because, he only had one towl before so had to use his jeans - but now he can get 2 towels for 1 yay

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it's been done, about a year and a half ago in Colombia. Look up the Slide-Depot contest and you'll see, it won an award then...

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shouldn't it show a towel in various alternative uses?

not jeans?

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With jeans so soft, you don't mind using them to dry off in place of a towel when you get out from the shower. I think that the photography could have maybe used a little better direction.

I thought it was another one of those clothes sniffing ads until I noticed the bathroom tiles and the guy's wet hair.

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no so good

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muy malo!!!!

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Blair Semenoff
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what is this

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I don't know, but are you sure that's a bloke? Smells like......

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or maybe you are getting the smell of your own......

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