Rock 'n Roll is back in Advertising

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October 2012
Dojo115:  Rock 'n Roll is back in Advertising
Dojo115 Print Ad -  Rock 'n Roll is back in Advertising


No idea means no job. We hate the word “passion”- this ain’t no Fifty Shades of Grey, you wussies! Every idea better be different - or we don’t get paid. Individually, we’ve won a shit load of awards: We don’t make kak. Nooit. For nobody. (But look, we are negotiable).

Print advertisement created by Dojo115, South Africa for Dojo115, within the category: Agency Self-Promo.

Advertising Agency: Dojo115, Johannesburg, South Africa
Creative Directors: Marais Janse Van Rensburg, Adam Wittert
Art Director: Marais Janse Van Rensburg
Illustrator: Marais Janse Van Rensburg
Photographer: Des Ellis
Producer: Candice Collet / RHO
Retoucher: George / Hue Grey
Styling: Leksa Menzies
Guns: Southern Arms
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charithco's picture

confused o.O!

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Art Director at Wunderman Doha |


Klara K.'s picture

I like the strong positioning. And the ladyman in the slight middle right has just a fabulous legs!

Klara K.
Activity Score 3343
Charles University in Prague
Adman3000's picture

Yes Pie man. You are correct. They are suspiciously good legs.

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Creative Director |

Adman3000. Behold - an ad!

TakAds's picture

I can see the rock and roll, but i can't see Advertising. The concept is good, but is first idea.
Lo que intento decir es, Puedo ver el Rock&Roll pero no la publicidad, quizás hubiese mostrado como aplica ese "Rock&Roll" a la hora de hacer publicidad, quizás a la hora de presentarle al cliente una campaña, cómo lo haría esta agencia, digamos, por un lado la forma convencional y por el otro la forma dojo115, como se comportarían a la hora de pensar, quizás algo extremo, no sé. El concepto me gusta, pero la idea es básica. Esta es mi humilde opinión. (I don't know how tell this in english)

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Art Director
Andrej Troha's picture

So, lets pretend (for argument's sake) that you are an marketing director or exec in some fictitious company. And you are shopping for an agency. Budgets are cut in half, and there's war on the market. Since 2008 the shit is serious... And you expect this exec to say: "Yes, I will trust my hard earned ad money to this guys! They sure know what advertising is. They will spent it wisely and be careful with every cent!".
Wake up. This aren't the nineties.There's no more r'n'r in advertising, those times are over... forever.
Oh, and btw: nobody cares about awards. Not any more...

Andrej Troha
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zarkos's picture

It depends of the market.
Oh. and everyone cares about the awards. Get a Lion or Pencil and you will see.

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Art Director
Andrej Troha's picture

Did that and it didn't help. Oh, and Epica, too.
Only people who care about advertising awards are advertisers, not clients. Trust me on this one.

Andrej Troha
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charithco's picture

hmm i got that nw

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Art Director at Wunderman Doha |


kleenex's picture

I guess this works for an ad agency.

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