March 2007



Because sometimes it's so hard to find a way home

Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson, Warsaw, Poland
Creative Directors: Iwona Kluszczynska, Wojciech Dagiel
Art Directors / Copywriters: Lukasz Kotlinski, Iza Przepiorska-Kotlinska
Art Buying: Monika Dagiel, Karolina Czaplarska
Photographer: Lukasz Murgrabia
Stage design & mock-ups: Karina Krolak, Marek Lesniak
Retouch: Iza Zembrzuska
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Renan's picture

Thats what i call AN AD! Congratulations.

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Bye's picture

I saw this a while ago, it's beautiful though a bit hard to grasp at first. Nevertheless this shows how execution can define an ad. Superb.

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juliangray's picture

great work. simple and intense.

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Art Director
Guest's picture

That is what happens when a dog can't find a pay phone.

Guess's picture

awwwwww.... sex sells, cute animals too.
sorry, but i don't fall for animals.
ads like these always seemed a bit lazy to me.
i prefer idea driven ads with strong concepts

[edited by admin for foul language]'s picture

i like the cloud in the background.

[edited by admi...
Jet Propulsion Lab's picture

I totally agree!!
Did you notice that if you turn it upside down and stare at it with one eye closed for 21 seconds 9.62" away from the screen, you see a hidden message? Pretty creepy!

Try it.

Jet Propulsion Lab
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iT-iS-i's picture

F off mate! Don't kid around like that...

Not even twenty tongue rings could (beep) with my speech...

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Copywriter |

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

Rog's picture

Lovely. >>>> That's not an ad. THIS is is an ad.

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Copywriter |

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

curious's picture

does doggy needs a cab home? I am amazed dat ppl find this good stuff.

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Graphic Designer
Ad Junkie At Large's picture


Ad Junkie At Large
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Art Director
Kateter's picture

just because people like the photo doesn't mean they will remember who the ad is for. this series proves that (I bet that 99% of people don't recall the advertiser 3 secs after they saw the ad).
nice photo doesn't make a nice ad.
festival material that don't stand a chance in the real world. waaaaaaaaaay off imho.

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bartwhite's picture

like it!

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Art Director
nyzz's picture

very nice :)

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Art Director |

"Add an Ad"

Tapper's picture

Stupid analogy. Product is bolted on to a very unstable idea

Strip. Strip. Strip.

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nirmalranganathan's picture

Good thought... Well executed too... MPT Taxi Service has a good brand building campaign...

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Client Servicing at WoC Advertising Enterprize, Chennai, India |

To be consciously stupid, when required, is an essential part of wisdom.

Guest's picture

Wooohaa, so cool!!!

everartz's picture

beautiful photography... nice concept... great layout.. way to go Poland!

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Art Director |

| everartz |

Zelao 's picture

I'm gonna start to look for lost dogs in tree holes.
That's a place i never checked before.

elmikel's picture

Nice art direction but I don't think that this idea sells. No USP, just a nice campaign. And does anybody remember the taxi number after seeing this ad?

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Néstor's picture

i dont get it.
why animals?

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Copywriter |

adrianapr's picture

WTF???? I haven´t seen these when they posted, now that i did... WTF?? Why is this any good??
because the puppie is cute? come on everyone!!

either i´m completely lost here and missing something really great, or this is just a "cute" picture of a puppie that has no home to go to... and that´s all. SO???

maybe calling a taxi would help the dog?

oh god sorry but i was really surprised when i read the comments.

these days you can´t know what people will think about an ad, definitely... that´s why agencies send like 200 pieces to a festival (let´s see what happens "strategy").

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sharktera's picture

very well!

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Graphic Designer
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