Cords- AK

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September 2017
Disque-Denúncia: Cords- AK


A series of prints ads made for Rio de Janeiro Crime Stoppers to help the state in its main fight: the fight against crime. Through the texture of telephone cords, we illustrated weapons to show everyone that the call you make is biggest threat that organized crime can have.

Print advertisement created by Agencia3, Brazil for Disque-Denúncia, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


The most powerful weapon against crime: your call.

Advertising Agency: Agência3, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Creative Director: Fábio Onofre
Art Directors: Felipe Paganoti, Natanael Carvalho
Copywriter: Pedro de Queiroz
Illustrator: Artluz Studio
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I like it.
I was just imagining the call numbers as bullets going through the weapon and eventually going out.

I really enjoy this ads, they really stimulate one's imagination in a few seconds.

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