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November 2012
Disneyland:  Santa
Disneyland Print Ad -  Santa


Print advertisement created by BETC, France for Disneyland, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.

Advertising Agency: BETC, Paris, France
Creative Directors: Richard Desrousseaux, Etienne Turquet
Account Managers: Carole Bilde, Romain Van Den Plas, Adeline Dupuits
Art Director: Landry Stark
Copywriter: Pascal André
Art Buyer: Stéphanie Giordano
Print Producer: Agnès Cattelan
Photographer: Jean-yves Lemoigne
Retouching: Fred Perrot
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Highest Rated

tazyboy's picture

Really an awesome work. Grt art direction.

Activity Score 777
Art Director
jackmancer2017's picture

That's just great. Art director doing his job so well.

Activity Score 6992
Copywriter at Editor/Student
morse's picture

Lovely! Congratulation to the creators!

Activity Score 18159
Art Director |

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

vote4pedro's picture

Pretty subtle. I think most people would only see Santa and turn the page.

Activity Score 4599
Nike Diesel's picture

but still kinda clever though

Nike Diesel
Activity Score 13708
Art Director
Shahzad Zaman's picture

Can someone tell me what else is their apart from Santa in this ad?

Shahzad Zaman
Activity Score 6
ivan's picture

Mickey Mouse's head. It's used as a symbol for Disneyland.

Creative Director at Ads of the World
Roy999's picture

Beautiful Art Direction. Without any copy the visual subtly conveys the message. Great work guys! It's a Mickey Mouse.

Activity Score 12
Copywriter |

Of all the people I dreamed to be, I awoke one day and discovered me.

Tero Ylitalo's picture

Really beautiful. A bit subtle, but very rewarding when understood. And ten points for no copy.

Tero Ylitalo
Activity Score 628
Planner at Zeeland's picture

actually a good job. But I think it's too clever to convey the message clearly.
Activity Score 288
mediamax's picture

actually a good job. But I think it's too clever to convey the message clearly.
Activity Score 288
bate_palmas's picture

I think it's a little too subtle.

Activity Score 1479
Black Hour's picture

Don't worry about that it is way less subtle in real

Black Hour
Activity Score 368
metacoma's picture

very nice work.

Activity Score 89
eins-eins-null's picture

you just see it if you search for it - and which customer would do that?

Activity Score 894
Sabbir.vai's picture

This ad has two sides:
First, the Christmas invitation to the Disneyland, Paris, which I think has been portrayed here beautifully; even without any copies
Second, the subtle cue of the Disney signature Micky Mouse brand, which I think is very cleverly done, but too clever for the consumers to understand even if they stare at it for a few moments.

The problem is, when consumers get the invitation message clearly, their searching, even in the subconscious level will turn off and they will turn the page. So Majority will not even look for Micky here. There had to be something which clearly links micky with santa. But overall creative direction is superb!! and a piece of art from aesthetics point of view.

Activity Score 43
Marketing Manager |


TexasH's picture

Nice. BUT Way too subtle. 99% of people will just see a nice Santa (and the message will get through though).

Activity Score 363
Siddarth Basavaraj's picture


Siddarth Basavaraj
Activity Score 1673
Copywriter at Adsyndicate Services Pvt. Ltd. |

Love creating ads..

Spanky's picture

Nice. But it's an ad for ad people who know they need to look for something. 99.9% of everyone else will never notice the mouse.

Activity Score 4895
abake's picture

Very nice, but if it takes us admen a few moments to get it, it's pretty doubtful regular consumers will get it.
As it is, it's a very nice Santa illustration, and as such it works.

Activity Score 1262
RMG Connect Colombia
goldi's picture

Nice job

Activity Score 346
General Manager
lapin's picture


Activity Score 86
Art Director
Aitor Borras's picture

A little too subtle... But lovely...

Aitor Borras
Activity Score 245
Creative Director at ROAD Publicidad |

Creative Director.

idealfredo's picture

Anuncio para publicistas. Así de simple.

Activity Score 21
Copywriter at Instituto Peruano de Publicidad
tazyboy's picture

Really an awesome work. Grt art direction.

Activity Score 777
Art Director
chihirokiss's picture

this is one of the best ads that i've ever seen in months

Activity Score 74
Holy Angel University, Angeles City, Philippines
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