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This is a cute set of ads. Of course, do you really want to go after jobs that killed their previous holder?


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The only thing I don't like about this campaign is that they all die the same way. That makes 3 executions on the same idea.

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They better offer at least a dental plan. The first one is funny, but I think that some other ways of people leaving the job behind might been shown instead of three deaths. The photography is good though.

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who's the dumb dead creature now?
by the way, riding a dead dinosaur may bring ill luck to you and your family.

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To all of you saying: "It's dumb they only have dead people in their ads."

That's not true! My favorite one is actually one where you see a pregnant nun. Beat that.
Another one shows an astronaut who is in outer space and realizes he has forgotten the keys to open the hatch inside the space station.

Couldn't find it online, but have the picture of the nun in my room - great, funny, creative ad!

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