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March 2009
DHL:  Yes, 3


Print advertisement created by Grey, Brazil for DHL, within the category: Professional Services.


Yes, We deliver it.
It is not impossible. You can use DHL Express to export whatever you want. DHL Express is also perfect for small-medium business executives, as its cost benefit fits your budget.

Advertising Agency: MatosGrey, Brazil
Creative Directors: Silvio Matos, Leandro Castilho, Guy Costa
Art Director / Illustrator: André Paiva
Copywriter: Fernando Silva
Photographer: Dionisio Dias Filho
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very nice...

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I must be dumb.... this ad is waaaaaaaaay over my head

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it's not impossible think more.

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it is nice

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i thought its gonna be a nice ad when i saw it as a thumbnail... now im totally lost, i dont even know what the hell is this?
ivan any ideas?

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| everartz |

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It simply says you can send anything. Weird shapes, etc.

Creative Director at Ads of the World
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so you mean to tell me, if i had a box, that looked like the template shown on this ad... with a product in it (this type of box does not completely conceal the product, like a retail sock display or something) and just slapped an address on it... that dhl would deliver it? i don't think so... if that's what this ad is trying to say it is A.) misleading and B.) too hard to get...

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it's done to death... pls think of sm othr insight... this one's overused...

just write
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i don't know about the other two...but couldn't this be the box in which you can fit perfectly the Spaceship from StarTrek( Enterprise i think it's called)...

I don't know...i'm just guessing...then it could mean that DHL delivers big stuff...

Although i'm not so sure about this :)

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That's what I saw too.

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If starship enterprise comes in this box, I'm so not ordering one. That's so tiny as compared to the hands!

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not clear, if it's weird shapes maybe they could have featured other things, anyone can send weird shapes why only DHL, and hey isn't this company shut down?

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I know DHL delivers stuff, thank you. I also know the shape doesn't matter so long as it fits in one of their boxes. Was there anything else you wanted to tell me? You know, something that might make me WANT to use the product, or even remember it?

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very nice...

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very good.

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Who posts this stuff? Are you the ad's creator, or just the creator's mum? Sorry the ad is mostly incomprehensible and the bits that are comprehensible are trite.

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