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It's a bit of a giggle.

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That's very funny and memorable. I can't look at a DHL box the same way again.

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I don't understand . Why are there frogs in the box .

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maximize the picture, than you might see it...

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IMHO caring and function. I like it.

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why frogs? why not baloons? Too forced, I dont see any excuse to put frogs inside dhl box.

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I am with you on this...

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The frogs are just a new (funny!) visual to recycle an old idea. I'm pretty sure that the client would not run this print in daily business.

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I see two msgs from this clever ad.

1) As you see your package is safe with DHL.

2) Second msg is protecting the Environmental : "No matter what, we know how to protect."
Water is the only non living entity of an eco system and frogs survive in water. Frogs are very important to the ecosystems in which they live. They control bugs and help keep the ecosystem in balance. They are an ancient life form approximately 190 million years old and closely linked to Chinese culture as one of the 5 poisonous animals.

Reasons to have Frog in this ad can be

1) Significance of frog in the Chinese culture
2) One Chang might have had the Taiwanese drama with exceptionally high rating 'The Prince Who Turns into a Frog' in mind

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Your 2nd point made me laugh. Why on earth should that be the message of this ad?

It uses frogs, yes, but they are stuffed in a dark box, without food and much space to move and now they're gonna be shipped away..
If anything, it looks like DHL doesn't care about animals, as long as the products are save.

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I pay for frog?

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that's fresh, nice one!

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Free dead frogs with every package.

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This speaks beautifully to their market. Nice work, Taiwan. :)

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Nicely done! congrats.

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What else if tortoise could have been used?

Shrinivas D
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will be too heavy LOL

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ya got it, but my concern is only with the protection, since the back of tortoise is hard and on the other side it's that was more rational...I think.

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I love this ad as it is! It's funny and definitely memorable. It is something that I would show to my friends and see how they will react once they see it. Its funny when people try to decipher the ad as if it is an ancient stone writings. Why frog? Because frogs are very soft and eye catching.

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Serve the purpose. I like the concept & delivery
.Side effect: I might use DHL next time...

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