Regret, 2

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October 2009
Dentsu:  Regret, 2


Print advertisement created by Dentsu, Philippines for Dentsu, within the category: Agency Self-Promo.


Reuse, reduce, recycle or regret.
A message from dentsu Philippines.

Advertising Agency: Dentsu Philippines
Executive Creative Director: Mike Calaquian
Art Directors: Mike Calaquian
Copywriters: Mike Calaquian, Chan Delacalzada
Account Managers: Joee Mendiola, Jek Innocencio
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what has this got to do with Dentsu?

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it could have been reuse, reduce, recycle & relive

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nice campaign. Filipinos must learn this or... regret.

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People keep calling this campaign "nice." But I don't see what any of this has to do with recycling. The Philippines were flooding centuries before mankind had ever heard of recycling.

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@ Pedestrian: I agree 100%, floods in the Philippines have nothing to with pop culture's recycling/green fad.

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ok, so let me get this straight.
So called former G-7 countries pollute the environmnet on this planet,
and Dentsu Philippines is telling philippinos to recycle, reuse...

So G7 poops and Philippinos should pick up after them?
is that it?

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Good Copy and Interesting picture. I
Dentsu down to... creative is life!

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What has the recent natural flooding got to do with the recycling and reuse campaign?

Such a sickening propaganda. I'm for material re-utilization and resource conservation, but when media uses calamities and desperate times to manipulate people with unsound and non-scientific propaganda and make them feel guiltier like some moralizing priest capitalizing on people's's total bull.

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Thank Ondoy for some good thinking.

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Dentsu Phillipines is in Phillipines. So whatever message it will deliver, will deliever to the Phillipine audience. Now if Dentsu wants to communicate that try and save the natural resources, then its no harm at all. Its not an issue who is polluting the planet n all. Its simply that you at your end try your best so as not to waste the resources or minimize their misuse.

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Simple thoughts, simple meaning. the photo is quite common, we see that everyday in the news. Impact is 0, does not make me want to re-use, reduce, recycle.

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