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We've seen this '3 deer visual' somewhere else this month .... right?

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Catch the ad-guys when their brains are switched off.

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Deviant antelope. Always funny.

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Saving my wit for the comments

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fantastic copy

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Juvenile concept has the greater potential to offend rather than entertain. It’s difficult for me to believe that this is anything more than an awards campaign.
Missed the mark a bit in the art direction; I believe the ’spot lighted’ area’s are duplicated and shouldn’t be the same in both ads.
Hey how long do you think the photographer had to wait out there before getting these shots? Wow.
mit-u )


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MIT... once again we cross swords, and still I see no work submitted by yourself. Enter just one piece, exclude agency and you're real name (mine is david jennions) and lets see your work. All the stuff I've put down is pro-active, no budget, awards based. Lets see yours.

Drunk Dave
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What is this a peep show at the zoo???? In bad taste I must say.

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