Could You

June 2007
 Could You
 Could You


Advertising Agency: CHI & Partners, London, UK
Creative Director: Charles Inge, Ewan Paterson
Art Director: Paul Belford
Designer: Paul Belford, Dan Beckett
Copywriter: Nigel Roberts
Photographer: Adam Hinton
Planner: Cat Wiles
Account Handler: Simon Alexander
Marketing Manager: Paul Brown
Brand Manager: Dee MacDonald
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hrd2mpress's picture

Well done indeed. Beautifully thought out, written and pictured. At last, a real ad with genuine intent and authentic content that stands out in the 'flotscam' that clogs this and every other ad showcase.

Activity Score 62
Creative Director
Jason Meyers's picture

A masterpiece. Paul Belford once again shows every art director who is boss in town.

Jason Meyers
Activity Score 8
Client Servicing
hrd2mpress's picture

Well done indeed. Beautifully thought out, written and pictured. At last, a real ad with genuine intent and authentic content that stands out in the 'flotscam' that clogs this and every other ad showcase.

Activity Score 62
Creative Director
Snoop Addy Ad's picture

Every single ad these guys do is amazing.
This campaign is inteligent, elegant and brightly executed.
I love it!

Snoop Addy Ad
Activity Score 61
Creative Director
_Yr's picture

don't get it. What's the point?

Activity Score 44
smudge23's picture

The writing is good. The lay-out is inter-departmental trade press.

Activity Score 171
chinaski's picture

it's just another magazine page... certainly not a masterpiece.

Activity Score 951
_Yr's picture

as i said

Activity Score 44
beesting's picture

Rock solid!!!!!

Activity Score 220
Copywriter |

keep the good work rolling!!!

kakatonga's picture

Could someone tell me which elements make this ad better than the others, especially in art direction? I'm trying, but I don't get them.

Activity Score 60
Copywriter |

Manca sempre una lira per fare un soldo

hrd2mpress's picture

I'll tell you, kakatonga.
1. Better communication
2. Powerfully emotive
3. Sincere

In term of art direction:

1. Distinctive
2. Not heavy handed or striving for effect. The pictures tell a story, with photojournalistic verve

Don't you think it's great to see something different from the usual visual stunt/visual joke/visual riddle which is answered by the brand name?

Comments invited.

Activity Score 62
Creative Director
chinaski's picture

1) better communication? we don't know that yet. wish we could measure it. good copy though.
2) powerfully emotive, IF you take time to read it.
3) sincere because the subject forces it to be so. an insincere tone wouldn't work.

as for art direction, i'd prefer a more captivating image, rather than a wall with a window in it.
I agree with the boring visual pun, joke thing. But IMHO avoiding ad cliches isn't enough to make a good ad.

Activity Score 951
me thinks's picture

Happy about copy. Not sure about art direction.

me thinks
Activity Score 722
ChuckNorris's picture

Nigel and Paul did it.

So it must be good!


(I like it)

Activity Score 834
Creative Director
lsadunb's picture

Great campaign.

Activity Score 571
teenie's picture

The ad is beautifully written - it just feels like it's missing an over-riding headline. The image of the wall in the middle is stark - but for something that takes up so much place, it doesn't seem to vehicle a message. Maybe if the grafitti reflected theme of desperation/hopelessness, etc... Or maybe make the photo at left the central image. The wall itself just seems like lost potential...

Activity Score 1894
miko1aj's picture

i'm sad that so many people said that this is brilliantly layouted, because i don't want to seem like pressed to such opinion. But this is really massive and very british. I mean without the credits i'd know it's british. Adiing also: it's impressive that someone is still doing ads with that load of text. Bravo.

Activity Score 3082
HOLA's picture

Good campaign. Not a masterpiece by any means, but a strong layout which communicates with sincerity.



Activity Score 82
Graphic Designer |



MarceloG's picture

Very good campaign. Powerfull copies and art direction. Fantastic.
In God I trust

Activity Score 820
antonioC's picture

nice layout & typography

Activity Score 30
Creative Director
A. J. SMITH's picture

A good, rock solid idea, it doesn't even look like an ad, which is refreshing for a start, it looks like a magazing feature, and it makes you feel compelled to read it.


It's only an ad.

Activity Score 2822
spacecadetglow's picture

i like the text and the photo.
it would make a nice magazine layout for a full-length feature.

Activity Score 247
Graphic Designer
SandMan69's picture

Apparently the guys who did this are awesome so it must be good.

I can say that it pulled me in, but I read it to see what all the fuss is about, and to tell the truth it was just an article with some ok shots in tow.

Nice copy and the pictures aren't rubbish, and even though it's nice to see something different, it would have been nicer if it wasn't such and group circle jerk because of who did them.

But I talk shit for a living so ignore me.

Activity Score 3890
Art Director |

Doin' it for the points

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