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January 2011
Consilium Medicum:  Mona Lisa


Print advertisement created by Twiga, Ukraine for Consilium Medicum, within the category: Media.


What you see is what you know.

Advertising Agency: Twiga, Kiev, Ukraine
Copywriter: Slavik Fokin
Art Director: Slava Znamin
Illustrator: Tatiana Shevchenko
Graphic Designer: Marina Dyachenko
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The latest science, brought to people's attention using classical portraiture, hmm; tricky one this: I get that it's showing that readers of the journal will become eagle-eyed in all instances and aspects of their lives. And I'm willing to give wiggle room to the possibility of lost-in-translation for the 'What you see is what you know' tagline.

But from the text of the website* it isn't clear whether it's an image-centred publication SO... for me the best way to make this work is to scrap the handsome cliche and talk directly to the audience: "Our readers learn things that save lives" or "What you see is what you know: our readers know more" or along those lines, BUT it somehow needs connecting to the artistry. Otherwise the use of the paintings is pointless: there is no link between the medicine of today and the historical periods of the artists and models, and that's a real wasted opportunity.

*Google's translation of the website :

"To your attention the full-text online versions of several leading medical periodicals in Russia.

All presented on the website edition includes the work of leading clinicians of our country - leaders in their respective fields of medicine and have the highest level of scientific information.

Being a user of the site - it means to be aware of all the latest advances in modern medicine."

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Thanks for the in-depth background, but the campaign is still very weak. Sorry.

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It made perfect sense to me. Don't understand the confusion. But that's a mute point. This has been done. There's an almost identical ad in The Copy Book. I think the ad was done in New Zealand or Australia.

dean viii
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not bad.

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