Make laugh, not war

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November 2007
Comedy Central:  Make laugh, not war
Comedy Central Print Ad -  Make laugh, not war


Print advertisement created by Kempertrautmann, Germany for Comedy Central, within the category: Media.

Advertising Agency: kempertrautmann GmbH, Hamburg
Illustrator: Marita Locmele
Art Director: Axel Schilling
Copywriter: Christian Soldatke
Creative Director: Daniel Ernsting
Acount manager: Ilker Yilmazalp, Peter Matz
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Pacific Blue's picture

Where is the idea?

Pacific Blue
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Art Director |

/// The clock is laughing in my face ///

VAMPIRO's picture

Good ilustration nothing more!!!

Live and learn!

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Art Director at Graphical Designer |

Live and learn!

Axxl's picture

It is important to know, that the Comedian "Ausbilder Schmidt" (Drill instructor Schmidt) is known as a comedian who only makes military comedy.
See him in action:

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Art Director at Jung von Matt, Hamburg
Mr Hughes's picture

I wish he spoke English - he looks really funny.

Mr Hughes
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juliangray's picture

Im getting really tired with this "Why think when you can rape a Illustrator?" tendency.

If they were going to have poor little Marita drawing the least they could do is think a little.

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Art Director
erness's picture

i dont like the idea and i dont even like the illustration... looks unfinished to me

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Graphic Designer |


arthropodbunnies's picture

I'm for it. The idea is relaxing and having a laugh. Makes sense for comedy central.

Having an illustration rather than a photo or something also relates to the concept. Easygoing. Its a doodle...not some detailed photo manipulation.

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Art Institute of Pittsburgh
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