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Boring, not even witty. Try again...smells like 92 suddenly.

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Rodrigo de Triana called ¨tierra a la vista¨ first. not someone you Ignorant.
Bad ad anyway.

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I loved all three of them. Simple and Super :) Keep it up Lowe Mexico. You guys are doing Great :)

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with that kind of feedback no wonder why they keep on doing all this crap. Funnily enough, they think this is something that could actually win an award...

Guest Poster
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And the sad thing is that you won't see your name in the credits, hey Guest?

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The day this piece of crap wins something it, we talk, matey.
Pedanticly yours.

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hi, guys

it's g8 done simple and effective.

no need to say anything more

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Weakest of the three. A let down to the campaign. But overall a very nicely rounded off concept - best of all - it's copy driven and it works wonderfully! Well done. SFX: Monks chanting followed by a woohoo!*

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Dull. Old hat.
No happy ever after.

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>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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why not the maraton man, he would not run if he called. this is not the case with columbus

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sounds like the communication worked in this case.

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this was is confusing... not liking it.

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These are nice but how does a comment become a powerful example of "communication, or communication breakdown." Could have used a better example to show this. Odd that they have chosen non fiction for this one as opposed to the other classic tale Ads.
Maybe just branding protocol but could have run a punchy coloured background like a bright cyan with a font that has a more modern data look.

"...very important?" weakens the headline, maybe..."Communication is everything."

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== Bring back fags, lard and the biff.

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