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December 2007
Coca-Cola:  New Zealand, 1


Print advertisement created by Publicis, New Zealand for Coca-Cola, within the category: Non-Alcoholic Drinks.


Summer as it should be.

Advertising Agency: Publicis Mojo, Auckland, New Zealand
Creative Director: Nick Worthington
Copywriter: Guy Denniston
Art Director: Emmanuel Bougneres
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kalpesh78's picture

man these girls have long
I don't think the arm would reach around the bottle.

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Chief Creative Officer at Uniqish Brand Creche |

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

rocketman's picture

hahaha, you're so right, she's the fantastic fifth.
if the art was what was saving these ads, there's a major flaw there.

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Creative Director at jwt / glue
ivan's picture

I like the art a lot, but conceptually I'm not sure.

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Creative Director at Ads of the World
curly's picture

Summer = Surfing, the ad tries to replace the importance of the activity with drinking cocoa cola, thus proposing that drinking cocoa cola is just as important a summer ritual as surfing. Am i right?

i think one tends to associate surfing more with Australia than N Zealand,

otherwise its yet another ad, dont think will do anything for sales

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ivan's picture

Thank you! Now it makes sense. I didn't realize the bottles are surf boards. I feel so stupid! :)

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fractalrene's picture

Cool artwork.

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adrianapr's picture

yeah, art may be fine.
concept? none.
idea? none.

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jimchristianx's picture

does coca cola even need ideas anymore?

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Art Director
DarkSide's picture

Nice vintage look.

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manuel a.'s picture

nice artwork but no meaning.

manuel a.
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Rajib's picture

Technically wrong... concept... dont know.... art?.... may be ok..

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<<.... Method in Madness ....>>

gmint7's picture

its coke..
who needs concept..

just like ipod print ads...


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DarkSide's picture

Maybe this is not an ad that goes on a magazine, maybe it,s just a poster that goes in the POP.

In this case it's ok not to have an idea in the traditional form.

I just disagree that the poster doesn't say anything, it has relation with the actual concept of CocaCola films(happiness factory, videogame) that sells this innocence this naive thing, that doing good and feeling good is nice. "You do a little good and it all comes back to you".

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rocketman's picture

wow, man, all i saw was a hot girl hugging a huge coca-cola shaped cock (pardon my french). but ok, i'm sure that can bring happiness to a lot of people :)

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Creative Director at jwt / glue
Guest's picture

What's wrong with her arm? Why is it so long. I still think they should have those vintage drawings of women. This coca-cola poster is just dumb.

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