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October 2010
Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana:  Oil & Water Do Not Mix
Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana Print Ad -  Oil & Water Do Not Mix


Posters screen printed with oil taken from the beaches of the BP oil spill. Watch the video too.

Print advertisement created by Happiness, Belgium for Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Happiness Brussels, Belgium


Creative management: Karen Corrigan, Gregory Titeca

Creative Director: Gregory Titeca

Creatives: Tom Galle, Ramin Afshar, Cecilia Azcarate Isturiz

Graphic Designer: Anthony Burrill

Screen Printing: Quitin Good, Michael Shoemaker, Purple Monkey Design
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Guest's picture

best design

jackmancer2017's picture

When you read it's printed with oil from the beach it becomes more powerful. But it lacks that in communication.

I wonder if this is an ad though, or art.

ivan's picture

It's on the fence. It's art promoting an organization.

Creative Director at Ads of the World
Ads.chinaSMACK's picture

The video explains it...

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Advertising @ chinaSMACK

too_graphic's picture

Can a piece of art work as a ad? or can Ad's be works of art...?

Activity Score 11
Norwich University College of the Arts (Norwich, England)
jackmancer2017's picture

Ads can definitely become art in my opinion.

For art to become an ad, it mostly needs some more communication.

I think the process of making art and a (good) advertisement is pretty similar for a long time in the process.

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it's just cool

Guest's picture

dudes, this is great. Ofcourse this piece of art is an ad. All paintings sold contribute to the cleaning of the Mexican Gulf. It's not just a print ad.

Great work. We'll see this in Cannes for sure.

CommandZ's picture

Really great idea. Hello Cannes!

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Creative Director
Guest's picture

Nice idea

mralanjones's picture

Cool, I'd love to own one.

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Copywriter at Stanley St
Roger Keynes's picture

Agree with JackM.

Lacks immediacy and stand alone relevance as it is.

The poster needs to tie back to the 'ingredients' of the poster itself.

Roger Keynes
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Copywriter |

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

Guest's picture

This one is made for Cannes. What's the idea really? Who do you help with this 'art'? Who is going to buy this for 150!!! euro? It tell's me something i've learned in primary school. It's only made to win a design lion and that sucks big time.

Guest's picture

you don't seem to get the subtle and philosophic dimension of it, don't you?

Guest's picture

The posters sold out in 2 days, gathering 41.000 $ for The Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana.

Guest's picture

it's ok...

salamandos's picture

Great project which lacks absolutely nothing. "Gulf of Mexico 2010" in the right corner is more than enough information. Greets to Bruxelles.

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Art Director
Guest's picture

Salamandos chill out man. It's just an idea that isn't that brilliant made to score on international advertising prices. What does it tell you? That oil and water do not mix?

byzade's picture

very nice

Activity Score 129
Guest's picture

maybe this should get a gold before some people can appreciate it. wankers. This is great work.

jasonP's picture

Wow, sometimes I think that designers can change the world.
Really good work. And envy them.

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Raffles Design Institute
ichan's picture

love it or hate it. i appreciate it.

Activity Score 80
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This one is made for Cannes future category : 'best case movie'.

Guest's picture

best design

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