Coal Flag

October 2006
 Coal Flag
 Coal Flag



We're working down here, to keep America running up there.
The coal we produce helps fuel more than half of America's electricity. Something to think about the next time you turn on, well, just about anything.
Consol Energy
America's On Switch.

Advertising Agency: Blattner Brunner, Pittsburgh, USA
GCD: Jay Giesen
GCD / Copywriter: Dave Kwasnick
Art director: Shawn Smith, Rick Bryson
Copywriters: Kevin Corfield, Jill Beloma
Photography: R.J. Muña, San Francisco
Director / Prod. Co.: Jim Lima/Zoic Studios, Culver City, California
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mrtalented's picture

it'll be better if the photo shaow actual layers underneath the ground not the flipped and retouched stock shots filled in between rock layers. (not mentioning thinner layers of ozone in atmosphere). but the idea to force into American flag is forced though.

Activity Score 2171
Creative Director
adroitmachine's picture

Good idea, poor production value and worse voice over casting. Could have built some drama and excitement into it, not just literally layered effects.

Activity Score 20
Art Director
nuclearshower's picture

there is something here but the execution is terible! paste like shit!

Activity Score 233
Art Director
Guest's picture

Last time I checked, the Earth produced coal. Just sayin...

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