Clean after your dog, 4

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August 2011
City Of Belgrade:  Clean after your dog, 4


Print advertisement created by McCann, Serbia for City Of Belgrade, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


For beautiful city. Clean after your dog.

Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson Belgrade, Serbia
Creative Directors: Jana Savic Rastovac, Vladimir Cosic
Art Directors: Marija Milankovic, Lidija Milovanovic
Copywriter: Marija Milankovic
Photographer: Marko Savic
New business manager: Milos Stankovic
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atb2005's picture

C'mon, (very) few ad ladies on here: vote this up! Don't you like the guy's butt? Don't wait for the predominately male audience on aotw to like this.

ps: Those are Diesel jeans from the latest sprint/summer collection. I have them too! lol

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velle's picture

i rather prefer the ones that weren't so obvious where the hand was shown picking up poop. i like guys' butts, btw.

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Roger Keynes's picture

Clunky, punny headline... but attention getting visual. Kewell.

Roger Keynes
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Ron Burgundy's picture

he must work out

Ron Burgundy
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Hammad S's picture

THe focus isn't on the butt but the dog staring at the "meat". I think so anys.

Hammad S
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Malala's picture

so why are they let dogs to do it in the public
Places like in the visuals.think about the line more.
nice visuals. good crafting.

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Wordfruit's picture

Like velle says, I think the ones that don't show the action, but focus on the ass in the image are much stronger.

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velle's picture

i tried to not be so obvious about this, ha - im so transparent.

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dmslee's picture

get the idea, but the visual itself is not beautiful enough. plus, why 4?

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ace85le's picture

Shouldn't it be "For a beautiful city"?

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shaun1800's picture

Am I the only one that finds this campaign completely stupid? There's nothing beautiful about that arse. I appreciate that they have tried to do something different here but it doesn't work for me at all.

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the undead's picture

Yes, actually, you are the only one who finds this campaign stupid.

the undead
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velle's picture

LOLZ. having an irrelevant sense of humour is a must if one wants to hang around advertising folks.

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