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March 2011
Cine las Américas:  Galapagos


Print advertisement created by Latinworks, United States for Cine las Américas, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.

Advertising Agency: LatinWorks, Austin, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Sergio Alcocer
Creative Directors: Diego Castillo, Oso Hernández, Norbi Zylberberg
Art Directors: Víctor Rojas González, Cora Pérez Fernández
Copywriter: Gloria Gutiérrez, Rodrigo Rothschild
Account Manager: Christy Kranik
Production Manager: Stephen Grill
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HellFish's picture

Sorry, but this visual is done.

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abake's picture

Oh wow, yeah, 'cause misery and violence are the big picture of latin america... right, now that makes me want to go watch movies!

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RMG Connect Colombia
Billoughsby's picture

I think they're trying to convey 'Something more real' or 'Not your typical phony baloney film festival of Hollywood hopeful indies churning derivative dreck in hopes of hitting the distribution jackpot'.

It communicates that point effectively, although has been done before, yep.

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Art Director |

That's it.

AKesseli's picture

I dig them. Half the comments on here are saying things have already been done. New take on an old idea - it's good. The majority of consumers don't remember every ad they see.

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Boston University
Billoughsby's picture

Good point.

And as everything has been done before anyway, it's unrealistic to expect something brand new every time out. Why do we not concede how impossible that is?

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Art Director |

That's it.

Nicolas 123's picture


Nicolas 123
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everartz's picture

this reminds me of the Times campaign knowing its targeting a different area

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| everartz |

krautland's picture

wow. not too shabby. (no pun...oh, who am I kidding)

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rlopera's picture

What's the connection between violence and puberty with Latin American Film???... This is worst than done... it is the biggest cliche ever !!... Latin America = Puberty / Violence.... This is a very American (Gringo) way of thinking.
I mean.. The concept is very good and I think that it is big enough to come out with a lot of executions with out show the typical sad images of LATAM.

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Art Director at Y&R
Billoughsby's picture

Where is the violence, though? Poverty, yes. People dressed in less than Saks 5th Avenue, on a boat that should have been sold for salvage 50 years ago, sure. But violence? I'm not seeing that.

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Art Director |

That's it.

rlopera's picture

Here is the violence

I was talking about the campaign.

In that ad they're using a typical image of a latin american gang.

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Art Director at Y&R
ace85le's picture

nice composition!!!!

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