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October 2008


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Advertising Agency: Borders Perrin Norrander, Portland, USA
Art directors: Jeremy Boland, Nick Kamei
Copywriters: John Heinsma, Bem Jimmerson
Creative Director: Terry Schneider
Illustration: Eric Stevens/Tower of Babel & Jeremy Boland
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the other black guy's picture

Maybe i'm missing something in this ad, but this just seems lazy to me. its not even clever......but hey, like i said, maybe i'm missing something thats not obvious.

the other black guy
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Treat me as a guest.'s picture

I feel as though this is the weakest one and it is not because it seems lazy. I believe that the "made in china" one could have used a bit more effort. Either way, maybe I misunderstood your post, but this ad is commenting on the supposed "separation between church and state."

The thing is: A lot of people misunderstand what that truly means. Someone with no clear understanding would say "America has a separation of church and state. We cannot have someone like Mitt Romney as president. He's open with his Mormonism and proud of it!"

If anything, I think America needs more churches and more people that have positive attributes and good character.

Treat me as a guest.
You don't need to treat me as anything.'s picture

Correct me if I'm wrong, we are not here to discuss politics or religion or what defines a good character are we?

You don't need ...
Treat me as a guest's picture

Dingbat, if you read everything I wrote, you should be able to come to the conclusion that this one ad is the weakest in the bunch. It is making an issue of something that is not really an issue unlike the rest of the ads, which touch on the housing market, healthcare, the U.S. dollar, etc.

Treat me as a guest
Dingbat's picture

Abortion is, though, isn't it? Oh-oh, the A-word. Confession time!

Guest's picture

and i think black people shouldn't get married.
America was founded on the ideas of separation of church and state and that's how it should stay.

btw, that first part was a message to all the close minded Christians in California that voted yes on 8.

blindvisions's picture

I think this campaign is great, simple and to the point - minus the gas pump piece because that has been over done. The execution is fine, this subject does not call for fancy art direction or photoshop tricks to reach its audience.

I agree the US needs more people of good character, but not more churches. We also need more tolerance of different religions and faiths, and less of these right wing Christian extremists who are out of their fucking minds. People who blindly believe anything, hate whats different from what they believe, and don't question anything are morons. And that goes for anybody.

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jimkuz's picture

To: blindvision
I am a Christian, and I am not out of my mind. I don't blindly believe anything.
I don't hate whats different from what I believe. I do question things. I am not a moron.

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blindvisions's picture

thats good, but I said christian extremists, not ALL Christians. You and I both know there are a whole lot of right wing Christian wackos out there that hate Muslims, black people, etc. Just look at the what the crowd was yelling at the McCain Palin rallies.....I wasn't directing my comment at the entire Christian faith.

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Graphic Designer - Indika NYC Entertainment Advertising
Guest's picture

'Blindly believe' can be shortened to 'believe', I believe.

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