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Chennai |

It comes just like that!

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what a bad taste.

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Who wants to eat it? I wonder how Ogilvy can do it. Just my opinion.

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Copywriter at TBWA, Mumbai |

Jaggy, MICA Ahmedabad

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I'd say a bananna looks like something else.

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Art Director
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it ment to be something alse u....

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Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.
Pablo Picasso

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I like the campaign-its hilarious, but i think these series will be better in full color.... This one is a little over the top.. I doubt if this really came out - its too vulgar and tasteless, for me.

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Because great designs need no further explanation.

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i quite like this. no colour required imo, very subtle.

raw tuna
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