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October 2008


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Advertising Agency: Borders Perrin Norrander, Portland, USA
Art directors: Jeremy Boland, Nick Kamei
Copywriters: John Heinsma, Bem Jimmerson
Creative Director: Terry Schneider
Illustration: Eric Stevens/Tower of Babel & Jeremy Boland
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this one is good.... execution sucks, but the idea is there....very strong

seems like ive seen something like this floating on the internet though.

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how does execution sucks exactly?

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i agree with le douche. this campaign is strong, but so much work needs trimming. my rankings/comments:
1: this ad. at age ten or eleven i remember thinking it was funny to see the 'made in china' sticker on the little plastic american flags on the fourth of july.
2: $1 bill. george w. (not the tyrant) with a black eye. the only problem is that it's black, not green like the rest of the congressional ink.
3: 3 way tie. in no particular order: church/state, oil noose, and backwards healthcare.

honorable mention: price tag on helmet. it's still very powerful, but it's a cheap argument. we love our soldiers, but this ad throws a curve ball. money + human life = way too much promise.

the losers (and why):
*barcode flag: if you erased the copy the image would say something entirely different. saying that, i know what a bent headline is, but the image says that america is all about money, while the copy says that we're losing money. simply put, too much going on.

*freedumb: believe me, i know our president is and idiot. i'm a texan, so i've dealt with that asshole much longer than any of you. as an ad however, insults only breed push back. push back in political advertising = less people voting. ergo, this ad shoots your brief in the foot. i like it, i just hate it in an (important) election year.

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This one seems to discriminate Chinese goods. Oh well, they're doing some genocide or something anyway, with the melamine and lead stuff they put in their goods.

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Just curious, for those who said "execution sucks", how so?

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i wonder: is this really for public interest?
I don't understand... if you feel uncomfortable you have the right to refuse to buy
you don't need to discriminate on all the Chinese goods. That's not fair.

American milk also has melamine. So are you doing some genocide as well ?

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I don't see it so much as being about Chinese products, so much as it is everything we get from China. In the railroad days it was slave labor, and now currently it would be all the money we borrow from them. That's what I see in this ad.

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