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November 2008
Chevrolet:  Street
Chevrolet Print Ad -  Street


Print advertisement created by BBDO, Colombia for Chevrolet, within the category: Automotive.


The streets are yours.

Advertising Agency: Sancho BBDO, Bogota, Colombia
Creative VPS: Hugo Corredor, Giovanni Martinez
Art Directors: Miguel Rojas, Andrés Montes, Alvaro Navarro
Copywriters: Nicolás Nieto, Juan Felipe Rodriguez
Illustration: Plastic Studios
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Guest commenter's picture bump, trash boo baam into all dat u c on roads!!!!!!!! kewwwwwwwl

Guest commenter
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Maybe this works in Columbia. In Germany for example, SUV drivers don't have the best image and this ad would make it even worse.

Guest commenter
fabio scampi's picture

Are dead pedestrians under the road?

fabio scampi
Guest's picture

lolsome!! XD

corre's picture

how unethical.

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Meminho's picture

Buena idea, mala ejecución.

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Creative Director at BBDO Ecuador
lelil's picture

i really think its a great ad. the insight is there nobody can deny it

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Crisp One's picture

Don't they mean " You are the Street" ?

Crisp One
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Other at New York
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no there saying drive like theres no one else on the road (i think) anyway thats the way i read it basically screw everyone else and drive like its yours

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so if a little girl cross the street it doesn't matter at all...

Guest commenter
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Different, i like it.

Guest commenter
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Hey, it's nice to see an ad that assume the real feeling of driving an suv...
For the core target, i think it's great. To recruit ne consumers ? Note sure...

Judges judge
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there is no sense in it anyways. the cars are still there anyway, its gonna be a hell of a bumpy street thats all, and you have to go on top of every other car!! if this was all to show that chevrolets are superior, then I'd like to offer my condolences..

Guest commenter
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your comment it's so stupid, idiot the ad is great so great!!!

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Guest commenter
NomadDCLXVI's picture

very stupid

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Creative Director |


Dr_Mudler's picture

well is the product really capable of doing these stunts? It might work for a different product like a hummer or etc

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