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June 2009


Print advertisement created by McCann, Ecuador for Chevrolet, within the category: Automotive.


A designated driver is Death’s worst nightmare.

Advertising Agency: Mccann Erickson, Quito, Ecuador
Creative Director: Diego Perdomo
Art Director: Juan Manuel Larco
Copywriter: Mario Freire
Illustrator: BluMedia
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NastyJester's picture

Do they let kids drive these days? Because if not, I fail to see how the target audience is going to laugh at this.

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Tchabana's picture

i think GM should be more optimist!
talking about death during the financial crisis, i don't think is a good idea!
OPTIMISM!!!! its betta!

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Gearbox's picture

The whole campaign misses the mark. Messing around with the Grim Reaper, yeah, I get it, but the connection to designated driving is tenuous. We only see one guy, who must be the DD that outsmarts Death, but when is he driving his drunk friends home from the bar? What's the recall cue, when a person's going to the bar with friends, to make them say "Waitasec, one of us should stay sober so that we don't die on the road tonight"? -- this series is too cutesy and lacks the staying power to make that happen.

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capywriter's picture

Good point. Therefor I think the 3rd one is better. When I read that headline I didn't think the designated driver they are talking about is the person that is displayed. For me that one is talking about all designated drivers in general.

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lerolero's picture

The Ad is for the designated driver program. A designated driver is a person who abstains from alcohol on a social occasion in order to drive his/her companions home safely. It is intended as a safe alternative to driving under the influence. In order to encourage these arrangements, some proprietors will offer free non-alcoholic drinks to designated drivers.
Chevrolet sponsors this program.

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Punch's picture

Qué mezcla de confusión. Primero, me parece que la vuelta del conductor elegido estratégicamente tiene una excelente proyección. Es en la ejecución donde encuentro serios problemas. Caer en el contexto de niños, muy a pesar de que la producción visual es extraordinaria, lamentablemente la puesta en escena cae dramáticamente con los temas elegidos, es decir, los motivos son torpes, ingenuos, débiles, sin el carácter necesario para realmente decir que te burlas de la muerte.

Y no, no se puede justificar la campaña diciendo que esto está diseñado para aquellas personas que normalmente suelen abstenerse de tomar alguna bebida alcohólica, porque el objetivo de esta campaña no es aplaudir a aquellos que ya toman con seriedad el asunto, sino a aquellos que todavía no creen que esto es una realidad.

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"no silencies lo que no sabes expresar".

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ads are a bit silly and childish, plus they're like a rip-off of the Doom ads: "its what they fear most".
Look them up.

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Hey Lerolero,
Better see a shrink right away! judging by your blog, you seem to be a little depressed.
Take care:)

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Thanks, I´m better now.

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I think its quite lovely XD

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I don't think you need to laugh at it. I think the ad is trying to say the if drivers get drunk they will die in painful circumstances and it could involve innocents. So death would prefer stay in his bed, wishing that he won't have to take life of a person that had a stupid drinking behavior because most of the time, it ends up in complete disasters and it is not funny to see it..even from the death's view.

And i Guess chevrolet would reduce the pain :)

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