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Idea is OK but I don't like the art. Doesn't go with the feeling of a botanical garden to me.

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This is clearly not an agency as there's no agency name mentioned. The entire campaign looks like an obituary. Too dark, too much copy. Large bold typography is a huge trend in design right now though.

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You're right about too much copy. And adding insult to the injury caused by a headline that is too long is the fact that body copy must be used to explain the headline's far-stretch play on words. What a waste.

A different background color would half-way lift this out of the commode. But even with a color change, these would be just competent, standard, not amazing.

They should have gone back to the concepting stage on these.

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That's it.

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I agree...

I think the art should be as an illustration and the headline should be defiantly smaller.

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Nick Carter has become a creative director! Congrats, Nick!

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the idea is general and so is the execution. even having such an interesting subject like the MONKEY PLANT they failed to explore it. would have been quite interesting if some intrigue with the monkey thought was explored.

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Hmm. Helvetica, really? I mean really?

I'd like to see more negative space in this entire series, ideally with at least an attempt to illustrate what they're describing. I don't need to see the twenty-foot monkey, mind you, but maybe something at least suggestive of botany would be a step in the right direction.

All that aside ... Helvetica? Really?

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poor idea and bored art

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