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nice illustrations, but I don't see the least bit of an idea here. is it just me?

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andrej dwin
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yea illustration rocks..dea not too bad..so-so.
moms will like it. anyways good job india!

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Que mal bajada esta!!!!

Perhaps if we saw a Frying Pan dress as Peter Pan cooking an omelet of Tinkerbell in his belly we would have get it.

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Very gay.

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Intelligent copy, no doubts... Needs a little bit of thinking... The ad encourages parents to make their kids read... Reading ignites thinking and imagination... If the kids get it, they will definitely know... Good job... But, the question.... Will people get it?

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what's happening here?
i clicked the "orange pill" ads, then the henkel "scissors" one and now this one.
i get none of them. maybe i should stop taking drugs in the morning. or maybe all these ads are just plain weird!

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Peter + A Pan = Peter Pan -0-

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Oh god. I hope thats not the idea.

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if that's the point i LOVE the idea but HATE the execution (not the illustration though)

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doesn't work for me... i think most kids know these stories because their parents read them to them.
and they know how the characters are supposed to look like because usually, these kinda books are illustrated.

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I read about Peter Pan when i was little but i cannot recall athing about the story itself... i think this is a tricky ad so you get confused and make you read... love the illustration but the copy is not strong enough to make me act

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