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May 2009
Cesar:  Doberman
Cesar Print Ad -  Doberman

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Print advertisement created by BBDO, Germany for Cesar, within the category: House, Garden.


Now with more delicious meat.

Advertising Agency: BBDO Düsseldorf, Germany
Creative Directors: Toygar Bazarkaya, Jan Leube
Art Directors: Lena Tuczek, Nina Burmeister
Copywriters: Sebastian Hardieck, Florian Schwalme
Photographer: Tom Fischer
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everartz's picture

is this meant to be a humor?

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Guest's picture

german humor. internationally know for how bad it is. germans sucks!

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Wouldn't it of been funnier if say, Ghandi was salivating over the more meat benefit?

clairec's picture

I wonder where these ran... Press? I kinda think the idea is cute, but Cesar is pretty fancy dog food over here. Maybe it's different in Germany. Is it a brand old ladies buy? To my knowledge they're the only folk that have ceramic dogs on their mantelpiece. Does this hit the target audience for the brand? Would be interested to see the brief for this campaign. (I use the word "campaign" loosely, because it's one idea done three times over.) Also, sadly, I'm not too keen on the art direction.

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soya's picture

Ornament dogs salivating. Fine with me.

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the photography and lighting is terrible, they should have emphasized the saliva more. Everybody thought the whole dog was covered in saliva.
Also out of all those creatives, did no one suggest perhaps changing the wallpaper background to each ad? If youre going to do the same joke 3 times atleast make them different! lazy.

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How bout this line: No dog can resist.

Might work with the art...

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