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June 2012
Cepêra:  Springer Spaniel


Print advertisement created by Y&R, Brazil for Cepêra, within the category: Food.


Makes your barbecue deliciously hot.
Extra strong pepper sauce.

Advertising Agency: Y&R, São Paulo, Brazil
Chief Creative Officer: Rui Branquinho
Creative Directors: Rui Branquinho, Flavio Casarotti
Art Director: Paulo Monteiro
Copywriter: Gustavo Cavinato
Client Team Director: Decio Augusto da Costa Filho
Agency Producers: Monica Beretta, Stephanie Wang
Photographer: Seth Casteel, Monique Barros
Print Producers: Elaine Carvalho, Rodrigo Cassino, Flavio Zamboni
Account manager: Evandro Soares
Media team: Gustavo Gaion, Inaja Ramos
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jackmancer2017's picture

Ah, these photos by Seth Casteel where spread on Facebook (and other channels) earlier - all this agency did was buy them and put a logo on it.

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sergeo_syd's picture

That's all agencies do :)

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morse's picture

I think this is a good use of the photos. Simple and clear to understand. Also, it's clear that the campaign is made for award shows.

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kleenex's picture

I fully disagree as the item does not go with the photos at all.

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Shawali's picture

Talk about jumping on the band wagon.

Is it a pepper sauce for dogs?

I guess it was an off day at Y&R Brazil...

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stke's picture

weak. no idea

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stickynotes's picture

I'm surprised they use those pics for an ad so quickly and so badly..

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giancarlomarx's picture

I disagree. The use of this pictures to sell sauce is a creative use of that. Thats funny, and creative. I'm surprised about the bad humor of all you. Sorry guys.

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Lazar's picture

I agree

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clearsky1989's picture

I disagree

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mmackinven's picture

Is this dog food hot sauce? Absolutely no connection...

I've been waiting for these images to pop up here too.

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bryanh03's picture

If it were a spicy dog food then yes, perfect. But because it's hot sauce for HUMANS this is just lazy.

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vlwk's picture

Their concept probably has something to do with how people feed barbeque scraps to their dogs, or how dogs sometimes sneakily grab food off the table during barbeques.

And if that were the case, the art direction fails here. Using the pic for the sake of it.

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Ad_me's picture

totally scammy... it's a recognized piece of art that has been doing the rounds just before .. then converted to a print ad for a freaking hot sauce! Pa-lease.

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somecopywriter's picture

Unless this sauce is for dogs, this is an epic fail that just aims to piggyback off of the success of this great series of photographs.

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clearsky1989's picture

F - A - I - L

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gadgets's picture

I don't like when my dog attack my food... but this is nice one :)

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giancarlomarx's picture

Ok, guys... You cant unsderstand this idea because you are not brazilians.
In Brazil a barbecue is always a kind of a party, with family, friends and (always) some dogs. Your dogs and neighborhood dogs. In Brazil is actually normal, when you are on a barbecue, give some to your dogs. But dogs are not carefull to eat, ok?
So thats it. I hope you understand now.

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Creative Director
Chrome's picture

Done with man in aquarium

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AdventureAd's picture

A desperate way to use nice photos that were spread everywhere on the web.

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bryanh03's picture

Sounds like Brazil BBQs and American BBQs are the exact same. Still extremely lazy.

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Still looking
Brad_US's picture

I got 4 words for you. F.A.I.L.

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italocr88's picture

putting a logo to a picture from internet is not longer creativity i think... maybe in the 80's, but not now.
weak weak weak work

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abake's picture

Love the photos.
I don't think the link is so tenuous, I immediately got the "dog-stealing-food-from-barbecue-jumps-into-water-because-it's-spicy" idea.

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Fernando Fernandes's picture

Uma boa série! boooa!

Fernando Fernandes
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nowreading's picture

I think the idea of this creative came from the record cover "Nevermind" by Nirvana,
using a dog instead of human jump into water is avoid the direct connection of the album cover.

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cmotan's picture

Не ми пука откъде са ги взели, баси якото.

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