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December 2009
Canon:  Lighthouse
Canon Print Ad -  Lighthouse


Print advertisement created by Dentsu, Philippines for Canon, within the category: Electronics, Technology.


What You Shoot Is What You Print. The PIXMA Pro 9500 Mark II

Advertising Agency: dentsuINDIO, Philippines
Creative Director: Randy Tiempo
Art Director: Kulas Abrenilla
Copywriter: Chino Jose
Illustrator: Jerome Fernandez
Photographer: Paolo Gripo, DMV
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WaZoo's picture

Agree with naseer and maybe a little shift in the clouds? :)

Activity Score 197
Creative Director |

Never argue with an idiot. He'll drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

Stones's picture

I like the idea here. Perhaps it would have worked better if you could see a frame around the pic he is holding up.

Activity Score 138
naseer's picture

I agree that this ad needs something. But placing a frame would loss the impact and the unusual look of the ad.
adding a shadow from the man falling on the paper he is holding would make the trick I think.

Activity Score 57
Photographer at al boom advertising
WaZoo's picture

Agree with naseer and maybe a little shift in the clouds? :)

Activity Score 197
Creative Director |

Never argue with an idiot. He'll drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

Abo Iyad's picture

yes, agree too

Abo Iyad
Activity Score 6
Art Director at Ogilvy
morse's picture

Too easy. Good execution though.

Activity Score 18159
Art Director |

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

bobby666's picture

nicely executed. good.

Activity Score 1462
RMG Connect, India
manish_parsodkar's picture

Agree with Naseer, showing only hanging tag or glass frame can be a option

Activity Score 64
Art Director at Dubai |

manish parsodkar
Art Director

John van de Vorstenbosch's picture

Nice. I've got the impression the first rule was "What you see is what you get". Like that one better, why rebuild an expression when it already says enough?

Naseer has a point. Then again, I think most viewers will understand what's happening.

John van de Vor...
Activity Score 216
Copywriter at Hansnel Group
dlue's picture

no if you add anything else you lose the idea and it becomes cheaper (plus i'm sure that's been done before, thats probably why everyone is reaching for that; the familiar)

Activity Score 342


CopyRight's picture

nice work, but enough with the "what you --- is what ---" headline.

Activity Score 713
sold's picture

this is ok, a shadow as naseer said could make it better.

Activity Score 3379
firebug's picture

very good insight

Activity Score 1113
Lizaad's picture


Activity Score 146
Art Director at Verdant Zeal
visualsurgeon's picture

I like the concept but sth is missing in art direction. Maybe put very subtle shadow behind the invisible frame.

Activity Score 86
Art Director
dadado's picture

What if we place a white frame layer in front of all the other layers? Only that could save this so so boring and yet used concept. And also there is too much photoshop retouch for an ad that sells real images.

Activity Score 10
Art Director
tybeamdesigner's picture

yea that could work really well now I think about it

Activity Score 8
recent graduate
tybeamdesigner's picture

my thoughts exactly, however the idea of a photographer holding a frame of his picture is unique..

Activity Score 8
recent graduate
kitkiritkit's picture

clap clap!

Activity Score 73
adphics's picture

very good. nothing else to say or to change.

Activity Score 4
Art Director
mgriff21's picture

Interesting. Could be better with a little work.

Activity Score 592
Art Director at VCU Brandcenter (Richmond, VA) 2011 |

I'm here doing this, but feel I should be there doing that. But to do that, I have to be doing this. Does this make sense or do I have to explain that?

tybeamdesigner's picture

I agree with the rest of the comments. Another suggestion I have is that the image looks more illustrated than photo worthy, and since it is for Cannon Pixma maybe it should look more like a photo and not a digital illustration...just a suggestion.

Activity Score 8
recent graduate
rolling.stone's picture

nice, pretty subtle

Activity Score 2739
Copywriter at Delhi , India |


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