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May 2011
Canadian Dental Association:  Magic Eye


Print advertisement created by DDB, Canada for Canadian Dental Association, within the category: Health.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Vancouver, Canada
Creative Directors: Dean Lee, Cosmo Campbell
Copywriter: Neil Shapiro
Art Director: Chris Moore
Account Manager: Scott Barr
Agency Producer: Courtney Smith
Illustrator / Retoucher / Digital Artist: Studio 17
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Pincuid's picture

Haha I like it...even though It makes sense, I still think it will annoy the hell out of people who can't see stereograms :

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Creative Director at Dir. Creativo Digital |

ivan's picture

Sir, you have to be more elaborate than just one word. We want to hear your thoughts, not just an assessment please.

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Creative Director at Ads of the World
gioborde's picture

I really dont think this works, and sureley not for such a serious matter. What happens to those who cant read it and those who dont know what its about?, is it not for them??

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Art Director at LEO BURNETT |


My_friend_Goo's picture

I can't make this one out

Wich is kinda the point i guess.

I like it

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Copywriter at Awesome promegranate
LeeHarvey's picture

Geezzzz I had to print it out and look at it for at least 20 seconds before I saw it! Not a very original concept but it kept me busy for quite a while, thus an entertaining ad!

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Creative Director
atb2005's picture

Yes, Mr Harvey. You need to print this out and then look at it.:)

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Themadartist1972's picture

well i am not a dentist and i saw it! so what ? i found it a boring visual !

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Nike Diesel's picture

I second that.

Nike Diesel
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Art Director
Dingleberry Jack's picture

I third that.

Dingleberry Jack
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Argonath's picture

my eyes is watering, trying to solve this one...

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simonsays's picture

Always entertaining.

Very good for waitrooms.

I'm always bored waiting for the dentist, with only a few 6 month old magazines about how to be flat next summer.

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soya2's picture


Hahaha, Nice.... but..... it is really confusing.... an eye check for a tooth problem?

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andylefty's picture

Its a new engaging way to promote a dentist without using vulgar visuals.

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