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these are great. good way to advertise for ladders

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I like the idea but it's sad they used the exact same execution 3x. 7/10 imo :)
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I agree musback. The same idea done three times...pick the best one and run it.

I also don't get these, somone help! The ladder shows off your calves? You have to have strong legs to climb these? What's the idea here anyway?

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if the creative brief said advertise ladders to gay men, well, you did your job. if not, you failed miserably.

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hee hee hee

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They tryed to discover a benefit to communicate about ladders, and they found this that is a little bit forced, but it´s still funny to be a ladders ad... I think It´s ok.

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Leaders or ladders?

What benefit do you think they are communicating Ticho? I am really asking because I don't know what the hell is going on here.

I'm more inclined to agree with Spanky on this one. Seems like the only avenue that makes sense.

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I´ve changed my grammar. (Argentinian)

I´m not saying that this is Gold in Cannes, but I think that they didn´t had a brief, they just were told to sell ladders in a creative way, and they invented this kinda sporty benefit ("you are not only going up and down in a fkn ladder... you are doing excersise at the same time").

The stupidity of the benefit makes it funny.

It´s strange to see a ladders ad that is NOT boring, and that makes this ad different, original, half creative, and will sell in consequence.

(If you scroll down and look at the statistics of that guy Loony, if that porcentage is ok, then I´m right)

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why can't i stop thinking that all of these calves look somehow disgusting?

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A nice pair of legs in a micro mini skirt would have sold more ladders than this one. I'd never buy a ladder seeing this ad.

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i have to agree with spanky this looks like an ad for gay dudes.

First of all you dont pull out your ladder and do 30 minutes of cardio.

and b the dudes who use ladders could care less how their calves look, they just want to hurry up and finish whatever job their wife is nagging them to do so that they can get back to watching the game.

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"the dudes who use ladders could care less how their calves look"

Why do you figger that? I'm willing to bet you're wrong there.

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After they released this ad, ladder sales in Australia jumped up 74% in just one month. This ad just works. I'm going to buy a few ladders TODAY!

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So, I guess you could say ladder sales are really Climbing eh?

Oh man, sorry bad pun but I couldn't help myself

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nice shorts.

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What is the deal with this guy, does he climb up and down to get one think at a time like take the screw, put it in the groove, come down, take the screw driver, screw it in, come down take another screw.....
That's the only way to have muscles like that

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i'm still laughing about Spanky's comment! Totally agreed!

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