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June 2008
Burn:  Luck


Print advertisement created by Lowe, Switzerland for Burn, within the category: Non-Alcoholic Drinks.


Are you bad enough?

Advertising Agency: Draftfcb/Lowe Group, Zurich, Switzerland
Creative Director: Nicolas Vontobel
Art Directors: Sebastian Hugelshofer, Jean-Marc Grubenmann
Copywriter: Ivan Madeo
Photography: Roger Schneider
Art Buyer: Melanie J. Auerbach
Account Supervisors: Gabrielle Lommel, Stefan Naef
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Activity Score 2778
Art Director at Grey Brazil |

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Activity Score 170
Art Direction
iRIO's picture

no - luck ))

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STRTLRS's picture

More like "yuck"...

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storytellers. |

I think, therefore... yeah.

ahpitt's picture

no no no ... It's "duck". :D

Activity Score 338
Art Director at Art Director
Florencio Ros's picture

jajajajaja no, you have to be bad to understand, it say LUCK jajajajjajaja
Fuck it's my te time, bye

Florencio Ros
Activity Score 48
General Manager at La Cocina Publicidad |


brhavig's picture

You're both wrong. It says Duck, just like the next ad in the series!

Activity Score 199
Syrup NYC
sneakyhands's picture

if they WERE bad enough wouldn't they just say dick fuck boobs? are you bad enough to censor your freaking potty-mouth?

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Renan Correa's picture

Excelent! Good product to play! :D


Renan Correa
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Copywriter |


theanc's picture
Activity Score 2778
Art Director at Grey Brazil |

mattlittlegym's picture

Wow. This is awful.

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SeanMartin's picture

I realize that foreign ads are generally translated before submitted here, but given that this one is almost completely dependent on knowing English, I'm starting to wonder if this genuine or not. If it *is*, it's pretty sad. But it'll get the views.

ivan's picture

In Switzerland almost everyone speaks English.

Creative Director at Ads of the World
SeanMartin's picture

I gather then that Switzerland now has four languages for commerce? Just trying to figure this out, because when I was in Switzerland a decade ago, the languages were German, French, and Italian, but mostly German. English was rare and certainly didnt merit its own language in a comprehensive ad campaign. It'd be like running an English campaign in Russia, where, yes, people speak English, but would you want to sell your product with it?

marcel7's picture

Very nice.

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Steviec's picture

Are you bad enough? Is this a rhetorical question to the creatives?

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Whitefang's picture

this sucks balls

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shitix-'s picture

scrabble any1?

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Guest commenter's picture

I dont get what the product is.
Or is it some social awareness thing?

Guest commenter
Pieter Decanniere's picture

Burn is a kind of Red Bull drink, made by the Coca-Cola company

Pieter Decanniere
Activity Score 22
Ogilvy Brussels
desailly's picture

This is fundamentally a piss-weak watered-down poster version of a campaign for an English alcopop called WKD. Strapline... have you got a WKD side?

The answer? F*ck Off.

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stepup's picture

I dont like

Activity Score 26
aik's picture

i also dont like it. Doesnt seem clever.

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rainman's picture

If this ever got produced they would have to replace them every other day. Teenagers would be filling in the blanks for them every night.

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Art Director
sachio's picture

Am I bad enough for what? Honestly. If it said F... or S... or D... or L... WHAT THE _UCK DOES THAT HAVE to do with the energy drink?

Nice model:

Explicative!!! product!

What was the thinking in this?

stupid. Besides, the drink really sucks. you feel crappy afterwards. I got a bunch of free ones at the cafe I worked at. Redbull is way better. I would say F*** this drink S***s!

edit:ah it's a challenge. Come finish this billboard after drinking this energy drink. wtf. Interactive challenge. Why the hell would you support vandalism as a campaign? Drink us. We support vandals, and you could get caught and get fined, and a police record, but we won't help you out. I REALLY don't like this one.

Activity Score 78
Advocatus Diaboli
Guest's picture

The tag line for this really bugs me and doesn't seem to have any benefit whatsoever. When i see fire I think FUEL....which is also what people want when they drink an energy drink.

You may want to incorporate that into the tag unless you really think people will start drinking an energy drink to be 1988 Michael Jackson BAD.....JAMON!!!!

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