Count Jerkula

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January 2009
Burger King:  Count Jerkula


Print advertisement created by Tonic, United Arab Emirates for Burger King, within the category: Food.


Chocolate Souffle. It's good, so you don't have to be.
Have it your way.

Advertising Agency: Tonic Communications, Dubai, UAE
Creative Director: Vincent Raffray
Art Director / Illustrator: Renata Giovannoni
Copywriter: Kristofer Richardson
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dshott's picture

I don't think the word jerk plus a little girl and a sketchy looking nutter is ever going to get you any bonus points.

This campaign is nasty and spiteful.

Activity Score 475
Kinneir Dufort - Industrial Designer |


Guest's picture

Hey, Duncan . . . If it was an older girl reading her little brother the scary bedtime story, would you still be just as outraged?

Guest's picture

dude take your head out of your a** for a second and see that it's a joke. Go back to the boring work on your web page.

Guest's picture

Ah.. so let me guess... you are Mr. Vincent Raffray..or Mr. Kristofer Richardson
This AD sucks big time. Now when some says that honestly.. learn to accept it.
If you still think this campaign is great, then it's time to take that dshott dude's head out of his ass and replace it with yours.

Guest's picture

Why can't that person be Ms. Renata Giovannoni? Sexist pri*k.

Guest's picture

Holy jeez. Talk about blast from the past. 'Count Jerkula' was also the name of some underground cartoons, (Pre-internet - might find on Youtube).k He shoots heroin and has extreme, all-out gay sex with random guyz ..... The 'joke', of course, is that he was a gay vampire with Aids, who didn't care that he was spreading the disease, being not only horny and promiscuous but hungry for blood. Plus, being immortal himself, so "Vyy should I CAAAHR?". Heh. Very un-PC for its time. Sometimes it was pretty f'in funny but I doubt it's what BK has in mind. LOL
It also had a kick-ass theme song. Worth dragging out my VCR for, if I still had any of the old tapes.

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